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  1. A recent discovery in a suburb of Kuhaku, the central city of Hakumei, and also the only one to encompass the natural island, has caused massive celebrations around the fledgling nation. Underneath the ancient Pillar of Summer, they uncovered the Diary of Twilight's account of the war which occurred before the founding of Hakumei. It is 102,092 pages of documents and first hand accounts which are now known as the "Voices of the Lost" section. The leader and his cabinet of the nation are expected to release the translations of the text and make a press announcement later in the week once the celebrations calm down. In other news, recent infrastructure updates have finally seen the completion of the lift system across Kuhaku, vastly improving travel times.
  2. Nation name: Hakumei Nation link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=12551
  3. Heel heat is a rather barbaric term you are using there. Perhaps you will use better linguistics in the future when discussing the merits and actions of a national leader who also is a leader of a world alliance. When you directly removed him, you violated multiple parts of the governing document the alliance bases its processes on while a member nation of it. That is why you lost any support the move might have had if you went through the due legislative processes and seen as attempting to force your will onto an otherwise working representative system. Common knowledge indicates that Grillick is the only constant in the triumvirate and as such is likely viewed as a stable and reliable elected representative who goes through the charter when weighing a vast majority of his possible actions. What he has done in the past is irrelevant to me as he has followed the charter and performs his duties using the limits set on The Triumvir of Military Affairs. This leads me to deny your accusations of us being rid of a fine statesmen such as Grillick improving the Green Protection Agency and will likely have the opposite effect if it comes to pass. What the world thinks of him is entirely expendable to the people of Hakumei and by extension their Mirai, aki. If you wish to provide evidence of transgressions by Grillick to the Mirai no aki, due so through the proper private channels and we will go through due processes. You were not forced out, it was petitioned on whether or not to revoke your nation's membership for actions perceived as a power grab and misuse of Triumvirate power within days of being elected. You decided to leave the alliance before the vote was concluded. You were not totally correct, these "heavy-handed" actions only exacerbated an already difficult predicament. You were elected into the position of Triumvir of Internal Affairs and had as little control over the final decisions regarding Foreign policy as the Triumvir of Military Affairs possesses. Soft neutrality, soft diplomacy, hard neutrality, and no diplomacy, all of these decisions fall under the jurisdiction of the Triumvir of Foreign Affairs. While the proper method would be to receive input from the other elected officials of the alliance as well as the overall opinions of the member nations, the final decision on policy regarding other alliances is ultimately up to him/her. Regarding whatever attempt at negative exposure you attempt to assert here on Redphx, it is childish and doesn't pertain to what has already happened. In addition, most of the contents of the quoted communications you have given are totally irrelevant to the topic at hand. Honest and straightforward terms for surrender are always honorable, however the people of Hakumei await the Hour of Twilight and cannot accept surrendering to any alliance of nations. Thank you for the clarification, while we may be on opposing sides in this global conflict, I respect your alliance's collective of peoples. After this war, I look forward to conversing with the, at the moment, "opposing forces".

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