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  1. This is a very sad day. We know that you will go on to do great things IRL and on (hopefully) other nation sims. You will be missed.
  2. They will rise up from the ashes and rebuild. They always do.
  3. Best alliance of February: Cornerstone Most annoying Player: NA Best war: NA Best alliance thread: NA Best leader: Les Paul Supreme and BritishDude Best new Player: Paladin Nicest Player: Les Paul Supreme Best alliance recruitment thread: Cornerstone Best forums: Cornerstone Best Poster on the Forums: NA Best Military: NA Most likely to get rolled: In retrospect to February? Nobody. Best treaty signed: NA
  4. I also favor keeping the game simple, but adding two types of artillery to the Soldier menu after added improvements adds realism.
  5. While IFV's wouldn't be a horrible idea they wouldn't hold much weight against armor. Maybe being in the military gives one added perspective, but a Soldier can do so much more than just fight other Soldiers head to head.
  6. I have seen the bolded part of what he has stated first hand in too many real life scenarios to count. When you give someone a free ride without working for it, they have no motivation to work for the same level or lower of ride. It's not rocket science, it's common sense.
  7. Creation of specialized Soldier units who take up the same barrack space as regular Soldiers would help add an element of strategy and save some nations who would otherwise not have defenses against certain types of attack. Being that I'm currently in an Air Defense Artilley unit in real life, I will start with that (it's short and simple): Have an improvement that must be created, such as Patriot Missile battery (the Patriot is a defense only missile) in order to train these Soldiers. These Soldiers, while weaker against other normal infantry, would have some air defense qualities, such as 500 of these Soldiers having roughly the same anti-air quality as 1 airplane (that is a simple example, not the proposed actual strength). These Soldiers could also have the potential to be non-deployable on the offensive battlefield since they are defensive in nature (modern real life ADA doesn't usually venture too near the front lines). Field artillerymen: An improvement that must be created, such as a 155mm factory, to train these Soldiers. These Soldiers are stronger than average against tanks, and possibly ships (if you had a whole lot of them), but weaker against other infantry Soldiers. In short, artillery would give otherwise SOL military units the ability to defend themselves without necessarily developing the same exact technology in order to counter a threat, and would be interesting as it could give people being raided the defensive edge they need to overcome an enemy obstacle.
  8. Greetings, 1. I am a Christian even if I don't always act like it (apologies in advance). 2. I am a proud member of Cornerstone. 3. Steel is my main resource produced. 4. As you may guess, Tennessee is my home state, although currently living in the great state of Texas irl. 5. God, country, and country music are my thing. 6. I'm a cowboy wannabe. 7. Played (That terrible game that is totally irrelevant and I shouldn't be bringing it up anyways) with Cornerstone's predecessor, the CCC, for about five years until all national projects were completed, then went inactive. I hope to see everyone in the trading markets and not on the battlefield.
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