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  1. Even if you aren’t inactive then you are still bound to get attacked a lot So sadly it’s basically necessary, also outside of an alliance it will take double the amount of time for half of the result as if you were in an alliance.
  2. 😭😭😭 oh well, it's been nice being allies with you guys in the 2 months I've been playing. Wish you guys best of luck.
  3. Best of luck, hoping to see some valiant fighting
  4. Completely agree, and you raised a lot of good questions However, I don’t think Alex is gonna implement any of this. Edit: meant to quote @BelgiumFury, but forgot to.
  5. So is your reasoning primarily moral (like it feels scummy) or because it actually is scummy/alliances don’t need that tax? Btw if you feel as though the application process is too long please take that up with me or Jaden.
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