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  1. Well hello there, you look familiar. 👀
  2. 95! Well that's way too slow Grandpa, gotta keep up with me and my 120 mph😎
  3. Hello! Tell me why you believe that the smaller alliances of Orbis should subject themselves to your governance and protection. I think it's good to talk about these kinds of things.
  4. Hello, as a founder of the ICSA I would like you to share your concerns. Tell me your views on why you believe this will end poorly. I am always open to constructive criticism.
  5. Yes, I am realizing that many people are confused and that is a fault on my end. Thank you for this! Thank you!
  6. Hello Leaders of Orbis! I would like to present to you, the ICSA (Initiative for the Collection of Smaller Alliances). The goal of the Initiative for the Collection of Smaller Alliances is to create an alliance that unites alliances with smaller member counts. As a founding member of this initiative, my goal is to create a safe space for smaller nations that is not under the monopoly of the larger alliances. In joining the initiative you are agreeing to become apart of a NEW alliance, the process being smaller micros joining to become a macro. There are many struggles that come with running a small alliance and you are not alone in that struggle. I understand that it is hard to grow an alliance in the current Orbis world, so I feel that this is our best shot at trying to combat the larger alliances' control over the recruitment process. I understand the struggles of trying to protect your alliance and its members when there is not a lot of you. So if you think this is something that interests you and your members, then I would hope you at least think about the idea. If this is not something that you would be interested in joining, that is perfectly fine, when the leader is elected we will begin the formalities of trade deals and treaties. This may be a scary proposal to accept, so I hope that you have questions because I am more than happy to answer any that you may have! Please join the Discord server with the link below to gain more information on the process. Discord Link: https://discord.gg/UWPnmvCS
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