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  1. This is what poor ol luna gets for trying to help out a nano, They get hit, God my luck has been running out so fast. #IStandWithNFSN
  2. Takes time to find one in advance
  3. Also i said dont use the fourms for anything other then DoW's, RoH's, And Peace at your size
  4. Thats not how it works, You guys can counter but a prot counters as well for you.
  5. I never knew red, But i hope he rests in peace.
  6. I get downvoted, But am i wrong? It nevers works.
  7. People really know how derail something
  8. Good luck to my atom friends and my tkr friends, I wish you both luck.
  9. @James II Kick some ass for me will ya?
  10. You underestimate the power of the almighty johnsons.
  11. Last time something like this happened it didnt end well, Like United Order of Concordia cuz it had ya boi in itand it was pure incomptence.
  12. Jesus, People do not let go, And derail the thread.
  13. Kill it, It is meaningless.
  14. I'll just say this real quick, TI did the same thing several times, And it would not shock me hollywood signed celestial, Due to several secret treaties on TI's part during oasis, Coincidence? I think not.
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