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  1. Exactly. Did it to me to, And I got backlash for it.
  2. And i thought us over at The Citadel were that incompetent and surrendered fast, But you, You take the cake. I made it that obvious before hand huh?
  3. Micro Blocs never seems to amaze me.
  4. they got off lucky, now lets hope they make the right decision and join a way more better bloc.
  5. i would come wit you again this time, but unfortunately i cannot.
  6. How much you wanna bet aurora will be next to declare?
  7. If you had standards, you would had not let BS in, Ngl.
  8. We lost many people passing on to the next life, I never met the guy, But i hope he Rest In Peace.
  9. Am i the only one to realize epi going full megalomaniac?
  10. All i have to say is coup the maniac, If not mystery inc and cam is in grave danger.
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