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  1. The Oligarchy died long ago. And the theory about shadow government is well and fine, considering that like Russia's KGB, there's Fatui from Scheznaya who work alongside the Knights of Favonius. My question was more about normally how can it's government be described as. The Knights are more like Military and Police combined. But major point is, there's no real person or group to influence the working of nation. The Knights issue licenses and all, but nothing beyond that and saving Mondstadt. But, a Nation is supposed to prosper. So I don't think, without any form of government or
  2. Those who haven't played Genshin Impact or don't play it can ignore the question. But for those who do, I really want to know what kind of governement actually exists in Mondstadt? They don't have an ruler, neither a main leader or King of some sort. The nation is protected by Knights of Favonius who are sorts of Military-ish but it can't be called a Military rule too. Because of their emphasis on freedom, I was willing to go with Democracy but even Democracy requires a government who works in interest of people imo. What are you guys' thoughts about this?
  3. You can ignore the forums but forums don't ignore you
  4. Ngl, when I hear basic editing or anything of that sort my mind automatically gets an image of Windows Movie Maker
  5. Pfft... Everyone knows best drinkable preferance are Oreos
  6. This will forever be remembered as "The Orbis Crusade"
  7. What is "friends"? Does it taste good?
  8. Sheepy when he reads the line ***swing around what he called "his natural baguette"*** :
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