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  1. Can't wait for the fights to come!
  2. Alliance of the Year: TKRMost Powerful Alliance: TKRMost Improved Alliance: The ImmortalsBest Rookie Alliance (must be an alliance formed in 2020): E404?Most Missed Alliance: Soup Best Alliance for New Players: TKRMost Honorable Alliance: TKRMost Immoral Alliance: CotL or E404Most Controversial Alliance: KTBiggest Warmongers: Terminus EstBiggest Pixel-Huggers: PantheonWorst Fighting Alliance: TFP/E404Best Alliance Growth: The ImmortalsBiggest Alliance Decline: NPOMost Likely to Succeed in 2021: TKRMost Likely to be Rolled in 2021: TFPBest Economics Department: TKRBest Foreign Affairs Department: TKRBest Internal Affairs Department: RoseBest Milcom Department: TKRBest Government Line-Up: TKRBest Bloc (can be a bloc that disbanded this year): QuackWorst Foreign Affairs Move: Swamp peeps propagating they won last war but forgetting Swamp split up while Quack is strong as everAlliance with Best Propaganda: RoseBest War Flag: ArrghBest Holiday Flag: TKR
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