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  1. If you think being mad because your most trusted friend in the game stabbed you and everyone else in government in the back is toxic then i'm curious what your relationships are like. I'm not making more enemies. They were already my enemies when they supported the coup. Clearly he was self confident enough to go behind my back, The back of the other gov leader, The back of lower gov. Talk trash about me and coup the alliance as well. I'm sorry but there is no negotiation or compromise. Shota is a traitor and in no way a victim here. I will refrain from involving cc though, I apologize.
  2. I'm sure one day i'll find decent trustworthy people.
  3. Either way is unsurprising. It's just a shame that i actually thought you were a good upstanding dude. Your just another lossi and chute though. This is going to take some time to process.
  4. The situation was salvageable, We were working on our reputation and the economy was doing fine just before the coup even with the stupid loan chute took. The problem here is shota was in charge of getting us new members, In stead. He talked in a shadowy corner with a bunch of edgy latin people, Agreed to a merge without imput or notice from the rest of government then proceeded to coup the alliance just after i managed to at least save the alliance bank. Though i will admit i made a pretty serious mistake here. I put trust in chute's side chick. I suppose it's my fault the alliance is dead now then. So your going to act along the lines of CC now. I wonder if chute would be proud or disappointed in you.
  5. Our alliance had no economy, I was our main and nearly only source of income. I was head econ. The economy was my job and so i did every thing in my power to keep it ticking. It was something i talked with chute about when he was still with us that was agreed upon by alliance leadership. I was more useful as a farm then a soldier. Not to mention it was for two weeks, An the rest of my time (Two months) i have been in the alliance i was on 100 tax entirely trying to keep the alliance afloat. So yes i will call a traitor a traitor.
  6. It's good to know you support traitors. I hope your alliance keeps that in mind. I've been at war for the last month already lol.
  7. To anyone that reads this, This was not an agreed upon event, Shota is a traitor and even worse then chute. Chute was an incompetent but shota is that and a traitor. I still intend to try my best to salvage what i can as i promised to keep the alliance going as much as i can. An i hope the worst upon shota as he deserves whatever bad happens to him and his conspirator friends in this game.
  8. Smh, Don't make me blush. besides, I'm trying to change my behavior. It's been hard though. Personalities don't generally flip on a dime.
  9. He could have just said this though, Instead he decided to play secret. Why you acting like a housewife, I hit you with the fact's and you change the subject to try and piss me off. Your never going to be waifu material like koru is. I'm sorry. the point of "mind your own business" is not a strong point to go off of in a case like this. When you do something that can very much potentially affect every it's no longer just your business. Objectively speaking.
  10. I'm not kinky enough for that sadly. Maybe some day though. never know what might go down.
  11. The information helps decide whether or not he was doing anything legitimately bad. An as you are acting as his defendant I am talking to him through you. I'm not sure what's so hard to understand here. An once more you continue digging the the mine shaft. Pun intended.
  12. Does not change the fact that you your allies filled your slots, Regardless of whether anything happened or not your allies still filled your slots . An your avoidance of explaining why is suspicious for multiple reasons to which i have already stated. Your continued reluctance to give any real explanation is just digging your self a hole. No pun intended. As for firewolf he did contribute in some manner, He is a witness on the side of the accuser and as such he has every right to add to the topic to which he did, He expanded the accusations to you attempting to use wording to get away with something potentially inherently wrong. Due to increasing suspicious i have to side with wolf on this one.
  13. I predicted this nearly two months ago.
  14. I somewhat remember from my year's of being forced to watch judge Judy by my father that it's not just the defender talking, the accuser is supposed to make his own case as well. This is very basic when it comes to breaking any sort of law or making any claim/accusation. What reason do you have for trying trying to subvert this? It's oddly suspicious. If you were entirely innocent you would have no need to do such a thing. "Mind your own business" Is not a valid defense against an action that potentially affect's others not intended to be involved. If you are doing something you should not it sets a bad example for others and disrespects Alex and whatever rules he might have made. Not to mention "Mind your own business" Is a rather suspicious defense to an accusation such as this as if you did nothing wrong that you have no reason to keep secrets. If there is some internal conflicts going on then there is no point trying to keep it a secret because if anyone was going to take advantage of such then they would do it regardless of if you try to keep it a secret or not. So one way or another you seem to be doing something wrong and that in it's self is worth investigating.
  15. Yes, I apologized. CC responded to my apology by accusing my friends of being n*zi's and p*do's so i retracted said apology.
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