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  1. You forgot me, sed 😭😢, how can u md, life is sed now but still best of luck in whatever you do in life and maybe we see you again after 1 year, you will be always remembered 😊👍.
  2. I didn't harassed anyone nor i like to harass anyone, i just wanted to know if they allow me but i am nice to everyone, ss23 banned me for pinging him only. I am really interested in being on the server and help the other players, i want to contribute in a positive way in the politics and community. it's fine if i don't get the perms about bot but i really want to talk to other players in game, i promise to be nice to everyone and i have not harassed anyone till now, if you guys feel a ping is harassing then i wont even do that. ☺️ Also, if i harassed anyone unwillingly, i apologize for my bad behaviour. Thanks, ☺️
  3. User Name: Dark Emperor#6032 Punishment: - Ban Date of Ban/mute: - Yesterday Reason for Ban/mute: 1440, Don't highlight admins unnecessarily Length of Ban/mute: I don't know Banned By:ss23 Reason for Appeal: I didn't did unneccessarily Additional info: I opened a ticket to request an approval to do a war with someone coz i am making a bot, i wouldnt attack him and peace out in 5 mins, i just wanted this approval as i am not war slotting. Ripper said no problem but doctor said no then i asked them final time, no one responded me for long time, i pinged ss23 once as he was active and he banned me and i was also muted before by lossi as she thought i am spamming but i was doing some bot work in botspam which i think is perfect channel for that. I seriously think this is very unprofessional behaviour from the mods and kinda like dictatorship, i am not blaming anyone but these are my own views. So, please unban me. I just pinged ss23 once as no one responded for long time and even if its against rules i think a ban is too harsh. Also, i would like to know the status of my approval for the war thing for bot. Thanks, I hope alex will understand my sad situation. 🥺
  4. Hey Isjaki, Borg doesn't use any exploit, he is just a genious and estimates the values by fair methods only.
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