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  1. Note: this meme assumes that the pronunciation is "Adri-anne" due to the lack of suitable rhymes of "Adri-en."
  2. I used the mass land purchase tool on the test server and the notification did not correctly display the cities, as shown above. The purchase worked correctly, just the notification was incorrect.
  3. Dolphins


    https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=247463 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=254790 The two nations linked appear to be this nation's active multis, but they have made multiple multis and then deleted them, presumably. Attached are Locutus' !multi reports (they were too long so they had to be text files). I am aware of the nature of discord screenshots, but the rest of the evidence should be far more than enough. https://drive.google.com/file/d/168hJCnoiMnw8HQmrHxCgc-ZJ30hYugvm/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Y_BOuvCLxfY9YGQHGbIZTTSWhI0L75ww/view?usp=sharing Update: Another https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=266579 And, I don't know if this counts as using moderation as a weapon, but I will include it:
  4. Maybe have the true value in a tooltip when you hover over a resource value in the resource inventory bar.
  5. Giving a nation two weeks of beige if their approval ratings gets to 0% sounds like it could be pretty easily abused to me, especially since many nations are deep in the negative ratings right now. I do not think this would fix the negative approval rating problem, though I could be wrong.
  6. I understand that problems could arise with reducing the limit to one week, which is why I now think that the limit should be reduced to only ten or eleven days. I realize that some players might start abusing VM or abuse it more when reduced, but realistically, it is unlikely that players are going to start abusing VM because it is limited to ten or eleven days versus two weeks. This amount of time seems like a much more realistic amount of time that someone would spend on vacation without having the in-game problems that one week does. Thanks for the reply
  7. This makes sense, but a shorter minimum length of 1.5 weeks (10-11 days or 10 days 6 turns) would still be beneficial without causing problems, but maybe not 1 week. I think that 2 weeks is a little too long.
  8. Currently, the minimum length of time that a nation can spend in vacation mode is two weeks. My suggestion is to change the minimum length of time to one week as this seems like a much more realistic time for a lot of people. Right now, if you did go on vacation for one week and would not have access to WiFi or want to spend time with family instead of playing Politics and War, you could either hope that your nation is not raided while you are away or go into vacation mode for two weeks and have to wait a week to play again. The main reason that vacation mode is limited to two weeks is, from what I understand, to prevent abuse of the mechanic; however, I do not see how lowering the time to one week could make for abuse of the mechanic. I can see how a minimum time of three or five days could make the mechanic broken, but I do not see the harm in one week. This is my first suggestion and I appreciate any replies 😄 Edit: I now think that the time should be reduced to ten or eleven days (or ten days six turns) as one week could make VM be abused much more and cause problems in alliance wars. Ten or eleven days makes it a more reasonable amount of time to be on vacation without causing in-game problems like one week.
  9. I am in this alliance, and I know both of these people personally irl. They have not interacted otherwise than being in the same alliance, which is allowed per the game rules.
  10. Here is some info about our alliance: We offer: - Grants - Protection - Low Taxes - Loans - Freedom Protected by Error 404 Discord link (required) https://discord.gg/5BTpjEh
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