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  1. I vaguely remember you, and your forum signature says alot tho lol, ive been here since 2014 was "Makaira" back then and was part of Red Guard (shitty raiding micro with a leader named Demon) and been around alot of AAs and politics since then, and i can say the game is just as bad if not worse for peoples mental stability as it was ages ago if not worse, even though the actual politics have become boring/stagant asf, yet still the same somehow :'), Rose and T$ were alot better up until more recently (2017-now) imo at least

  2. 6 hours ago, Mayor said:

    And TKR.

    I for one 100% am conflicted with the OP, TKR >>>RAIDED<< me earlier "09/02 05:21 pm - Akros League had war declared by United States Of Wakanda for the reason of "Hungry for cash"." it has had me at my wits end and i am seething hard so I shot a MISSILE >:c


  3. the general playerbase has alrdy ruined shiz by spam wanting mil score to be reduced and a bunch of other stuff coz they all are self serving dipsh*ts that don't know what they want/is good for the game as a whole @Prefontainedo whatever u want fam, no matter what u do sm1 will cry about it

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    Sadly a city 8 with 2.8k infra i hit deleted bruhmoment :< but YAY FREEDOM IS HAPPENING! praise Ayylah!

    bullet_blue.png04/24 06:52 pm - The united Orders applied to join the alliance Soldiers of Liberty.
    bullet_blue.png04/24 06:52 pm - The united Orders left the alliance Castle Camelot.
    bullet_blue.png04/24 11:00 am - The united Orders has publicly denounced the nation of Prazil led by Adibu Mbuka.
    bullet_blue.png04/24 04:15 am - The united Orders had war declared by Prazil for the reason of "Say hello to my little friend!".
    bullet_blue.png04/23 10:48 pm - The united Orders had war declared by Akros League for the reason of "∠( ᐛ 」∠)_benis".
    bullet_blue.png04/23 10:22 pm - The united Orders had war declared by Zyphorious for the reason of "Arrgh!".


    bullet_blue.png04/24 05:49 pm - Commonwealth Union applied to join the alliance Soldiers of Liberty.
    bullet_blue.png04/24 05:48 pm - Commonwealth Union left the alliance Castle Camelot.
    bullet_blue.png04/23 11:52 pm - Commonwealth Union had war declared by CountryName for the reason of "Arrgh!".
    bullet_blue.png04/23 10:47 pm - Commonwealth Union had war declared by Akros League for the reason of "∠( ᐛ 」∠)_sadge".
    bullet_blue.png04/23 06:53 pm - Commonwealth Union had war declared by Somalia72 for the reason of "This, is, SPARTA!"
  5. 7 hours ago, Vanek26 said:

    I do not like the alliance position change. 

    Agreed, even though i was hoping it was just being built upon/improved, not changed entirely. As far as i can see going through and testing each Gov panel there's also no longer a way to send an invite to people to your alliance (unless I'm missing something). In example, turning your alliance applications off and being selective on who you want to apply @Alex


  6. Pretty straightforward 


    bullet_blue.png02/25 03:22 am - Kentucky Australia left the alliance Free loot.

    bullet_blue.png02/25 03:04 am - Kentucky Australia created the alliance Free loot.

    bullet_blue.png02/25 03:18 am - Australia Will Rise applied to join the alliance Free loot.






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