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Word has finally broke - The Island is a cult! Join this club to learn about all of our cultish ways.

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  2. Over the course of our 102 day existence we have been approached by many individuals from many alliances ranging in top dog to underdog sizes. All of these individuals ask the same question - who is the bat man? That's obviously a joke - but, the real question is how we run our economic system, what our programs are, and how we are able to throw around so much cash to boost our members 10+ cities while advertising 0 tax for cash and resources. It's really simple. Very few know of our secrets and those that ask are told this: The Island utilizes in-game mechanics to boost our own profits. Most of this comes from using the market correctly instead of just low-ball or quick-selling. Why break even when you can leave the marketplace a god? This is why we opened our Loot Lake program to the world! Utilizing bulk resources and our ancient chinese secrets, we make bank. Tie that into our other, internal, 'secret sauce' programs and you have a recipe for success.....with a side of a bunch of people asking you how you do it. Sadly, our secrets aren't for sale and our sauce, well, its just for the family. How would you feel if I asked you for your family sauce? Next time you're in the grocery store or any public place, go up to the first person you see and say 'Can you give me some of your family sauce?" - reaction will not be positive. So, maybe you're wondering - what have these people said to you after you turned them off? Well, we have been called names, told we were doing it wrong (then why you askin?), called whales and told we were just relying on donations, & even told we were exploiting the game! I guarantee you no exploits, cheaters have small wieners and I guarantee there are no below average size wieners on The Island. Guarantee. (its part of our app process) Because of this exploit scare, I slid into Alex's Dms, told him to investigate us for an exploit and explained why we were asking. Another thing we were told was The Island is a cult and you know what, maybe it is, but its a family and we love each other, and I'm daddy, and we share each other. Sound like a cult? Possibly.

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