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Hello! I'm Nyx of Luna, a nation that was recently involved in a huge war against an alliance called Prison. It had three members, but only two were in my war range (the third was around 200 score and mine is around 800). I had a COMPLETELY justifiable reason for declaring war on the alliance, but that's in one of my nation bulletins, so you can read that to know why. Anyway, both nations in Prison who I was at war with were recently banned for multiple reasons (ban evasion, multis and a lot more). My only hopes of rebuilding damage from this war and prior ones was from resources I would have won from this war. Now, without those resources, it'll take ages to rebuild. If someone can get me steel and aluminum for a low price, it'd be greatly appreciated. 

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Never mind! I would like to say thank you to Morningstar for giving me the resources to repair all the damage from this war and even repair the damage from a prior war where Luna was nuked. I really appreciate it. :)

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