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Officially Returning

Russian Nanachi

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The Grand Council of the Commune of Soviet Equals gathered on March 2nd, 2071 to discuss a life-changing topic that had spread across the nation for months.


The Grand Council and the 48 representatives of the nation had gathered inside the meeting room of the Kremlin, gathered and each person sat down, with the figurehead of the Grand Council sitting in the middle with a circular desk surrounding him. He straightened his papers, and cleared his throat before pulling his microphone close to him. Everyone leaned in, listening closely. "As figurehead of the Grand Council, we are required to show inside the Kremlin on a regular basis to address the status of the nation, military, and government. Our nation has sat in chaos, we have been through war after war, fending on pirate scum and dirty gluttons. A militia defended us during those dark days, and only recently have we rearmed our infantry with modern equipment, only now can we call ourselves further sophisticated. Back then we were desperately grasping to the cliff of nationhood. We desperately held on, but one after one they came and stamped on our fingers over and over again. Pirates, gluttons, Capitalists, and traitors came and raided us. We defended ourselves to the best of our ability in those times, and in an unusual came after the storm we had gathered our diplomats and what boats we could find at first and we sent them. They embarked on a journey, and out on the sea they sailed. Those men sailed for miles, and have now reported back to us. I am to announce our entry into the Black Skies alliance, because those men sailed to the clear ocean water and the darkest sky and they walked onto the boats of our former leaders and friends and shook hands. Now the Commune of Soviet Equals is to raise a Black Skies emblem at every government building and agency. In accordance with our entry, we will cease all previous connections to past alliances and rebegin our relationship with Black Skies and those inside it. Once we escaped the crisis of raiders, and there was a moment of calm, we took the opportunity and have now secured our nation's life and continuation with the help of our former alliance. I am proud to announce this to you all, and I am proud to see that fact that our nation is already stabilizing from this decision. With the reason of announcing the entry of the Commune into the Black Skies alliance, I dismiss the Grand Council and all national representatives to normal duties, this meeting is concluded." Everyone grabbed their papers or their suitcase, rose, and took their entry out of the meeting room of the Kremlin. Newspapers all across the Commune echoed the fateful words that changed the fate of the nation, "our entry into Black Skies".


Moscow Express Newspaper, Moscow, Moscow Oblast, Eastward Commune, Commune of Soviet Equals.

Official Government Approved Public Media paper.

(This will be Page 1 of a book that will be created in multiple pages, named "New Russia - Familiar History". Once all pages of this book are posted, there will be a google document created with them all combined.)
Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=229556

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