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Guest Zephyr
2 hours ago, Great states said:

Why can't I produce enough food even though 7-13 upgrades are farms 

I assume this is your nation, if so, you shouldn't bother with farms but instead just buy your food from the market. The reason is that food production per turn per farm is calculated by dividing the city's total land by 500 (at least the simple version); the more land a city has, the more efficient its farms' food production is. Therefore larger nations with more land in their cities produce food the most efficiently, and can sell it on the market at a cost that is still less than what you could produce it for as a small nation with very little land.

You should also join an alliance as soon as possible, it's not really optional in this game unless you really know what you're doing (which obviously is not the case for you) otherwise you'll get raided endlessly and lose interest in the game whereas this doesn't need to be true if you join a good alliance. Any of the top 5 will be great choices if you're not sure what to pick, and they will teach you how to develop your nation making everything less confusing.

Also, please go to your forum account settings and edit your profile to include your leader name, nation name, and nation ID (as is required by forum rules).

Good luck.

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