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Hello, Im brand new to the game about 2 days and my military is doing very well at least in my opinion. Im currently confused if i should get off by protection block color and start to raid people. I've also seen some accounts on the bounty list that I must do a attrition war but if i win i get 2 million dollars. So im confused if that is worth my time as well as having to give up the beige protection block that i get a additional 50 thousand dollar per turn in my revenue. Im sitting at about 75K with it so i would be at like 25K per turn if i get off of it.

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if your goal is to raid, the first thing I would do is join a raiding alliance, they can probably help you, and teach you the best ways to raid, and with the added bonus they wont raid you when you do hop off beige.  Because while you can hit others when off of beige you are also susceptible to getting raided yourself.

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If i were you, I would join Arrgh, who is the largest and most successful raiding alliance, and ask them what you should do.  They know alot more about raiding as a little nation than I do.

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