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About a year ago I made a suggestion somewhat similar, and would like to see if players would be interested in this.



The idea is similar to perks in the sense that it allows a nation to customize their war experience, but to an even greater extent than perks, which was a very popular idea.


A nation can allocate different portions of their main 4 units (soldiers, tanks, planes, ships) to sub units. this would not be visible on the nation page, but possibly could be spied one at a time( if you could find out all of them in 1 spy op, it might as well just be on the nation page.




General war improvements

Naval Missile Barrage(or something like that) that allows you to kill other units with ships. Similar to how ground works where once you have a blockade, the next attack kills x amount of units. This could target planes OR tanks, not both in one attack


The reason I put this here instead of instead of making it a project is because there shouldn't be a monetary barrier for new players to have fun. Projects should be reserved for very niche things.



The purpose of this thread is not to hash out percentages or what the sub-units would be and how everything would work. 

The purpose is to gauge if the community would be interested in one or both of these.

Thank for time- Vali


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