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『API+QoL』Adding Discord Name+ID to the Nations API + New field to put Discord ID on Nation Page

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The title explains the entire concept mostly.

Currently, the Nations API(or the Nation API) doesn't supply a field for Discord User Name or Discord ID.
The suggestion is that these two be included in all APIs about Nation Info.

Currently, we can put our Discord User Name (Eg: BABAI#0570) on the Nation Page. However, the problem with this is the Discord User Name can be changed at anytime. This might cause problems when we are pulling data via the proposed API addition since the username provided on the nation page might be outdated or you might not share a common server with them. This problem however can be easily solved by using the Discord User ID (Eg: 790948467425673226) which never changes unless an entirely different account is used. Using the Discord User ID will also solve the problems that may arise from not sharing a server with the person whose Discord Account you are trying to track.

The problem with asking people to put their Discord ID however is that everyone might not know how to get their ID. Hence why I also propose adding an entirely new field for this ID thing. So now we have two different fields: One for Discord User Name and another for Discord User ID, both available via the API as well. 

Addition of the User ID will make life easy for every department in existence as well. Milcom can use the pulled ID to make bots to ping you if you get attacked, IA can use it to keep track of their members, FA can use it to find the people they are looking for, Econ can use it to check if users are online when sending grants, etc. 

That's all for the suggestion.

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