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A year since the plane crash....

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One Orbis year ago there was a plane crash. A Boeing 747 packed to the brim with people crash landed off the shores of Brazil. There were luckily only a handful of casualties but the landing was so abrupt that the entire crew and passengers were injured and brain damaged. No one knew who they were, where they were or what had happened involving the wreckage and burning debris... Aside from clothing and regular luggage, all that survived were several LPs and a turntable. One such LP was the self-titled Dire Straits album, with a song so great that they named their encampment after it and made it their anthem. As such, the Sultanate of Swing was born. 

Given that everyone in the encampment had amnesia, they had to decide names for themselves. It was an easy fix though, for they could choose their names based on their favourite albums. A leader had soon emerged, a woman by the name of Kate Bush, and she had decided that Queen would be a fitting title given everyone's love for the anthemic Bohemian Rhapsody. Queen Kate Bush had appointed David Bowie to be her chief strategist and organise the gaining of supplies and she sent off some other strong figures to build other encampments in the vicinity. Led Zeppelin founded the first of such colonies and named it Led Zeppelin II. Shortly afterwards, Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar went and founded My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and To Pimp a Butterfly respectively. They were soon followed by Queen Kate Bush founding a settlement of her own by the name of Hounds of Love and Alex Cameron founding Jumping the Shark. 

These settlements worked together to build weapons and small armies to acquire food and provisions from other hostile parties, most of whom were pretty much abandoned already and would seldom fight back. The Sultanate of Swing began investing in spies to look for food and protect the interests of the various settlements which were growing rapidly as the other abandoned towns and villages flocked in to enjoy the music and growth offered by the Sultanate. They soon after began exploiting the land for minerals such as lead which they could exchange for food from other established nations and settlements. One year on, the population of the Sultanate of Swing has reached over 500,000 and growth doesn't seem likely to stop anytime soon. 


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