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Politics and war memes


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I am the Lorax, I speak for the trees. The trees say "If you arent active in the next 20 hours I swear to god I will become the alliance banker, I want my bauxite back.


Unfunny memes or images: post here |                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


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divine phoenix



3100 years ago, Silent Demon Emperor City arose to conquer the Southernmost region of the Sky Spill Continent. An ordinary third grade sect, fearing enslavement by Silent Demon Emperor City, especially fearing for their female disciples, escaped to the South Sea Region, to a vast island, then called Immortal Island. The Sect Leader, now known as the 1st Divine Phoenix Master Ancestor, explored the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm, a special and spatial realm created by the long forgotten Ancient Phoenix Clan, who had since left the Sky Spill World. There, she had many lucky chances, obtaining the Vermillion Bird and Blue Luan bloodlines, along with their corresponding cultivation techniques, Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle and Blue Luan Abstract Phantom Code respectively.

07dca80a102d4149e9736d4b162cff6f.ico Discord Server

Department User Rank
Emperor christian2094 Life Destruction
Imperial Regent JadenStar10 Middle Revolving Core
Chief Advisor Borg Extreme Divine Transformation
Viceroy of Foreign Affairs Grabacr Late Xiantian
Viceroy of Internal Affairs MorganL Middle Revolving Core
Viceroy of Military Command Flamescove Late Revolving Core
Viceroy of the Treasury and Economy None  
Viceroy of Technology Scatheon Extreme Xiantian
Duke of Foreign Affairs Scatheon Extreme Xiantian
Duke of Internal Affairs Hideri Kanzaki Half-Step Revolving Core
Duke of Military Command USSR DOGE Early Revolving Core
Duke of the Treasury and Economy None  
Duke of Technology None  
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