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A Peaceful Resolution

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Following emergency peace talks between the European Federation and the Nether Kingdom of Folgrath, an agreement was made. Below are the articles.

  1. Folgrath shall release the prisoners from the Durotan vessel, and will compensate Durotar for the vessel.
  2. Folgrath shall make its existence public to the world.
  3. All involved parties shall order their militaries to stand down.
  4. Folgrath and Europe shall guarantee each other's independence in unprovoked defensive wars.
  5. Folgrath and Europe shall allow an exchange of scientific and magical experts and knowledge.
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"Well is was nice talking to you Sam, & I hope best of luck with your maiden voyage home. And as I promised, here those traders come with the diplomacy crew."

*As Firwof was standing beside Samantha & her ships crew on the pier the Blue Pyrofish taking them home was docked,  the Durotar traders plus Folish scientists, & arcanists came walking down towards them

"Oh & by the way that trader ship on the other side of the dock is the replacement from my nation to Durotar. I hope you can convince them to talk to us about a treaty of some sort. I best regards out to y'all on that too."



Edited by Firwof Kromwell
Corps Loves Grammar
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