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Prussian Federation


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After the news hit The Emperor that a coalition of nations formed to defeat him...He sat there stunned, Moments later the Air Raid shelters go off, The Enemy Force bombs the Royal Air Fleet to pieces..Trying to keep calm, he orders ground attacks on the Nation absurdly called "Oh Wow" he was defeated, with his military in pieces he gathers his remaining forces to Osaka, the capital, The enemy armies of the Tyyrian Republic and Oh Wow were here..After a 3 day battle, They are defeated and in a act of spite, The army just leaves, and torches the other cities..No Martial Law..Not even a occupation of the Fierce peoples, 2 days later, attempting to flee to Tokugawas Puppet, Aoyama, The Emperor was hung by Anarchists and Left Wing Radicals..With the fall of the Empire, came a power vacuum..Tokogawa is now getting invaded by many other nations, hoping to feed off the scraps..The Anarchy Government continues in fighting..With no end in sight..

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