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  1. So, I was attempting to log on in PnW today in my Computers Class when It showed we were IP Banned, I have a friend in my class that also plays, We have not ever cheated, we are in separate alliances as well. We have a friend that is in a separate hour but still the same room, he was the reason the IP Ban was delivered for naming his cities after Nazi Death Camps and Racist War declarations. Because of his stupidity (He is obviously not the sharpest tool in the shed.) We cannot play on PnW, Could the IP Banned be lifted, if at all, and he receives a separate Ban? Thank-you for your time.
  2. After the news hit The Emperor that a coalition of nations formed to defeat him...He sat there stunned, Moments later the Air Raid shelters go off, The Enemy Force bombs the Royal Air Fleet to pieces..Trying to keep calm, he orders ground attacks on the Nation absurdly called "Oh Wow" he was defeated, with his military in pieces he gathers his remaining forces to Osaka, the capital, The enemy armies of the Tyyrian Republic and Oh Wow were here..After a 3 day battle, They are defeated and in a act of spite, The army just leaves, and torches the other cities..No Martial Law..Not even a occupation of the Fierce peoples, 2 days later, attempting to flee to Tokugawas Puppet, Aoyama, The Emperor was hung by Anarchists and Left Wing Radicals..With the fall of the Empire, came a power vacuum..Tokogawa is now getting invaded by many other nations, hoping to feed off the scraps..The Anarchy Government continues in fighting..With no end in sight..
  3. Ignoring the threats from the alliance, Tokogawa continued expansion, defeating the Imperial City Of Shenyang and destroying their military might after they repeatedly Attacked a stronger force, Showing their incompetence..after that mighty victory Tokogawa invaded many other nations, defeating them each in turn and turning them into a local power..
  4. After Tokogawa's Defeat to the South American Republic, Argentum and the stripping of the Emperor's Govermental Powers, Emperor Hirohito remained a figure of national unity, but the people want their military power and honor restored, The Emperor Secretly merged Most leadership positions into his office, which is violating the treaty, The Goverment remains a Theocratic Democracy in Name, but they've gone back to their own ways with National Policies....The Black Sun Rises, and Argentum is The mighty Shogunates first target, they will fight to the last man if they must...
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