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Prussian Federation

The Black Sun Rises In Southern Japan

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After Tokogawa's Defeat to the South American Republic, Argentum and the stripping of the Emperor's Govermental Powers, Emperor Hirohito remained a figure of national unity, but the people want their military power and honor restored, The Emperor Secretly merged Most leadership positions into his office, which is violating the treaty, The Goverment remains a Theocratic Democracy in Name, but they've gone back to their own ways with National Policies....The Black Sun Rises, and Argentum is The mighty Shogunates first target, they will fight to the last man if they must...

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they where always on DEFCON 1

after the aliens EMP’d there main military force, and Germany had sent there war ultimatums to Brazil, they had been in DEFCON 1. At this point, it was the norm that the army was in high alert. But this came out of nowhere.

But they were ready. They had to be ready.

they had been planing a response to Japanese hostilities, to any nation, for three months now. There military was on standby, the air force was ready, and there small, but mobile, navy was ready to go. 

The 34th Chinese congress sent a message to Japanese starring to halt all further hostilities with the nation, or be attacked with the power of the Dragon Alliance. Brazil was behind them. New Holland was behind them, Great Ottoma was behind them.

they knew all the facts, they knew the theory’s, all except one: What would the international or Dragonisia do? 

And only god knew what mog(Corp) would do.

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