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Club of Rome & AIDS

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Interesting video on the origins of the AIDS virus as a bio weapon.

30 July 2018

Deepstate Dox: https://pastelink.net/aafd

Greetings citizen and welcome to ZeroSec Deepstate Dox 25.

Bilderbergs Aurelio Peccei and Zbigniew Zbzezinski heading later the Trilateral Commission wielded another Rockefeller secret society Club of Rome, to the end of creating a New World Order. The Club of Rome complimented the Bilderbergs as the other arm of the Committee of 300, a British secret society built on opium trade. Club of Rome has among it's 100 members enough NATO execs to steer world events. Zbrzezinski created Taliban, Al Qaeda, founded the Trilateral Commission and has instilled every American president since Carter to Obama and indirectly Trump. He directed those directors since inception. With the Bilderbergs Club of Rome also stands as the most influential of the Round Table Group. Club of Rome member Sir Julian Huxley was head of the British Eugenics Society- a field John Rockefeller created. In Sir Julian's words: "The lowest strata- allegedly less well endowed genetically- must not have too easy access to relief or hospital treatment lest the removal of the last check on natural selection." In 1961, at the Litton Bionetics laboratory (who was working with the Navy's Biomedical Research Laboratory, in association with the Univeristy of California), retroviral experiments with African green monkeys and human T-cell leukemia were being conducted under the auspices of the National Institute of Health. The first order of the Club of Rome created in 1968 at Rockefeller's Italian estate was to harness this research into a usable plague. This culminated in 1969 at a House Appropriations hearing, the Defense Department's Biological Warfare unit requested funds to develop, through gene-splicing, a new disease that would be resistant to treatment and break down a victim's immune system. The experiments consisted of taking monkey viruses that were harmless to humans, recombining them with DNA, RNA and enzymes from other animal viruses that were known to cause leukemias, lymphomas, and sarcomas; then causing them to jump species. Meanwhile they decided upon a narrative for steering global conflict that would capture both right and left ideologies. Under the penmanship of Lord Peter Carrington building on foundations of Club Rome Founder Peccei's Human Quality book. Thinking themselves Gods they subdivided civilization into 10 quasi-biblical regions to unite as a church meaning body under them as the Gods. They divided the UN and the melting pot America into left ecology and right defense groups. Club Rome's history is the history of AIDS. 
Before we delve into the Club of Rome's action in AIDS we should point out the other-side of the New World Order which is an Israeli led Zionism which, among other things, has led to a genocide claiming hundreds of thousands of Palestinians over the life of the new Israel. Israeli's claim of late of Palestinian protesters in the section Palestinians are allowed to exist; not the majority Israeli side. Israel's cruelty includes not allowing Turkey to transport the wounded to care. To be Palestinian is to live in the concentration camp of the Gaza strip in a perpetual horror.
ZeroSec Military Anonymous have government paperwork showing AIDS was created as a biological weapon. AIDS narrative shows inconsistency: If AIDS came from monkeys why do monkey eating pygmies not get infected? Facts run counter to recent narratives that AIDS initiates in an isolated village which later exported sex trade. The second order of business was creating a post-industrial zero growth plan designed in part to cripple U.S. industry. In 1973 Club Rome publication Turning Point they map a one world currency. After Club Rome the same heads create the Trilateral Commission ruling weakened nations by corporations world. Zbrzezinski writes openly about this in his books. Another secondary futures market for investment banks is put together under the guise of saving the world.

According to Professor William Haseltine of the Harvard Medical School, AIDS is also much more contagious then we've been programmed to believe. AIDS can be passed by mosquitoes or any body fluid including saliva. And considering HIV can incubate in the host 10-15 years before causing any noticeable signs of illness; AIDS could very well be the plague of our times. And AIDS is a hard kill. It lasts 7 days on a dry surface and 15 days on a wet one. But for one reason or another this deadly virus has been played down as non-transmittable in casual contact. It is actually a virus requiring quarantine on the sick and their contacts to control. Nor do condoms protect from such a transmittable virus of which one virion a fivehundredth the size of a sperm can infect a host. In 1975, Dr. Robert Gallo and eight other scientists (working at the Bethesda Cancer Research Center in Maryland) had been working to modify the genetic structure of the virus so that it could be more easily transmitted. That same year, after Fort Detrick had become demilitarized, the newly established Frederick Cancer Research Facility was placed under the direction of the Bethesda Cancer Research Center where Gallo was the Director. One investigation revealed that in March, 1976, a special federal government virus development program began producing the AIDS virus, and it was headed by Dr. Gallo and Dr. Novakhatskiy of the Ivanosku Institute in Russia. Gallo would later be investigated and found guilty of scientific misconduct, but President Clinton pardoned him. In the 1976 novel Ceremony of the Innocent by Taylor Caldwell, she effectively explains the rationale behind such actions:

"...there will be no peace in the tormented world, only a programmed and systematic series of wars and calamities- until the plotters have gained their objective: an exhausted world willing to submit to a planned Marxist economy and total and meek enslavement- in the name of peace." Also 1976, Club Rome published RIO: Reshaping the International Order which called for a new international order, including an economic redistribution of wealth- the world's population. In a Club of Rome book called Mankind at the Turning Point

A new world economic order was outlined. Club Rome indicates genocide elimination of what they call "useless eaters." So why not starvation through created famines? Or Third World diseases like the Rockefeller patented Zika virus and distribution of AIDS? The Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, and IMF pursued policies which resulted not only in the death of the 120 million cited in their reports, but in the death of upwards of two billion people by the year 2000. That number- for perspective, equals everyone on Zukerberg's heavily censored shit media Facebook. We know in 1978 gay targeted Hepatitus B vaccinations had, by modest CDC reckoning a super-majority of vaccinations infected with AIDS.

July 24, 19-80, a two-volume document called "Global 2000 Report," called for U.S. population reduction of 100 million by year 2050. University of Florida marine biologist and Club Rome member Howard T. Odum, was quoted in the August, 1980 edition of Fusion magazine: "It is necessary that the United States cut its population by two-thirds within the next 50 years." That happens to equal population poisoned by chromium 6 in the American water table. It seems a ridiculous area to cull considering that 5% of the world population lives on 30% of the usable land mass. Reacting to charges of AIDS as a military biological warfare weapon, in February, 1987, Army Col. David Huxsoll said: "Studies at army laboratories have shown that the AIDS virus would be an extremely poor biological warfare agent." He later denied saying it.

By 1988 Doctor Robert Strecker discovered how AIDS was made. Strecker's research explained the AIDS virus was developed by the Frederick Cancer Research Facility of the National Cancer Institute, in cooperation with the WHO, in their laboratories at Fort Detrick, Maryland (which until 1969 was part of the U.S. Army's germ warfare unit, known as the Army Infectious Disease Unit, or Special Operations Division) by combining bovine (cattle) leukemia virus and visna (sheep) virus, and injecting them into human tissue cultures. When Doctor Strecker started talking about AIDS creation and from that an understanding of a cure his brother was killed with multiple gunshot wounds that were ruled suicide. Within the month his political ally Illinois State Representative Douglas Huff of Chicago was killed by overdose when he was not known to use any drugs. Then Doctor Strecker goes silent. Here is a Doctor Strecker quote which outlines why he was a threat to the system: "I don't think there is any doubt that AIDS is a man-made problem. The question is whether it was created either accidentally or intentionally. I believe the AIDS virus was requested, predicted, produced, and deployed." Why we're on the subject of crimes involving sex we would be remiss no to included the Cemex and Nexium trafficking among the elite. 

But when child trafficking camps are discovered Snopes is quick to disavow and the police to eager to not investigate.

And now we see these pretend Walmarts we have watched erected over America the last couple of years being filled with immigrant children- while a deepstate government has been moving children for sex trafficking. And anyone who thinks this is beyond our shadow government just look at the slave trading mess America left Libya in.

Continuing our foreign policy disaster America backs Al Nursa another name for Al Qaeda which started as a seventies CIA op every time the largely Christian Syrians almost expunge them from the country. We are not Jesus nor have we Alzheimer's. Expect us.We are not Jesus nor have we Alzheimer's. Expect us

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Interrepublic, They cover up Pfizer genetically modified AIDS virus which leaked and spread. interrepublic also backs Bayer which knowingly infected consumers with the AIDS virus. Bayer as a derivation of the Nazi war machine IG Farben created As well as creating Heroin. But Bayer is considered common pain reliever thanks to Interpublic.

Greetings and welcome to ZeroSec Deepstate Dox 19. We've looked Microsoft's corruption and the PR company they hide behind: Weber Shandwick which we will bring to you soon. Looking into Weber Shandwick we found their umbrella corporation Interpublic. Interpublic houses many corporate evils through varied agencies. Interpublic via McCann Worldwide has long been stealing jingles: like Rice-A-Roni's from the 1923 Barney Google. Interpublc's McCann Worldwide trademarks words. Interpublic's Weber Shandwick tentacle steers the spotlight away from Visa. MasterCard and Visa information both feed straight to the NSA. And MasterCard attacks Julian Assange for the NSA.
We know know with the release of the FISA memo that everyone's subject to a surveillance beyond even the government's own scant rules. And as we pointed out: before the FISA warrant was achieved the UK NSA GCHQ acted in our government's behest as members of the Five Eyes do for one another. Certainly Andrew McCabe was complicit and therefore resigned
but lets note the fact that Terry Gowdy and the DNC CEO resigned in the memo wake as well. And James Comey is such a shit we must devote a video just to him down the line. Surveillance against the American people is simply the fascist America we know reside in. And we have more counts of corruption from the banks, corporations and secretive deepstate societies than any video series could ever cover. What's more we know the last administration made illicit Uranium deals in benefit of the Russians and the Iranians and the far reaching corruption was suppose to be buried by a Hillary administration that never happened.Breaking down the extent of corruption today is a far reaching task. But in many of these cases their is a great work afoot in terms of controlling image. And the biggest of these marketing firms is Interpublic.
Inter-public hides CDC's false flag frickery which has been going on since the beginning. Client David Packard was a World War 2 draft dodger that became Defense Secretary sending people to Vietnam. He draft dodged with radar work he called Hewlett-Packard. Although business partner Hewlett went to war. Their PR team, known now by umbrella company Interpublic, kept the corrupt company successful. Interpublic also portayed McDonalds as the fifties surburban all American company instead of junk food. Interpublic hired Norman Rockwell for his noted fifties-esque Americana. Consequently Interpublic obscures Jack in the Box poisoning. Hewlett-Packard lived on to hire many !@#$ like State Secretary Condeleeza Rice; and G Kennedy Thompson who was CEO of Wachovia until it became Wells Fargo. And Verizon's NSA complicit president Lawrence T Babbio Junior. And Netscape's founder whose startup concatanated into Time-Warner ISP monopoly with whom AT&T sticks web inventing America as twenty sixth in internet speed. South Korea has 8 times America's speed for cheaper. The legacy of bullshit in Interpublic is awe inspiring. In the nineteen forties they told America that the corn syrup and dye called Sunkist was actually equivalent to drinking an orange. As it turns out corn syrup is more equivalent to a depopulation agent as it leads to a myriad of heath defects. Interpublic represented Brown and Williamson Tobacco before they became RJR Nabisco. Interpublic: the hydra of companies selling lies inspired Mad Men. Ineterpublic represented RJR Nabisco AKA Phillip Morris and yes Lucky Strikes. RJR Nabisco includes Kraft. Near Mad Men's end they are taken over by one of Interpublic's names at that time: McCann Erickson. Despite Interpublic's racism and sexism attracting members of the Reagan family as employees, !@#$-erotic artist Tom from Finland started there. McCann World-group also came up with the commercial associating universal love with Coca-Cola. Not unlike having their later Pepsi as a protest verses cops resolution. This equation of consumerism equals virtue creates the artificial world which Postmodern French philosopher Jean Baudrillard outlined in "Simulacra and Simulation" which inspired the 19-99 blockbuster The Matrix and the book can be seen as Neo as Thomas Anderson grabs his hackery hidden inside that book opening to the chapter on Nihilism. Baudrillard is also directly quoted by Morpheus in this famous line:
Eighties Interpublic's McCann Erickson equated Nescafe with love. This became the Arabica coffee marketing standard even with family: leading to parody. Interpublic white-washed the LAPD after Rodney King- an event also symbolized in the beating of Morpheus by Matrix Agent directed police. They continued for HP which used Redington Gulf for 120 million in illegal sales to sanctioned Iran. Interpublic started a Tremor campaign recruiting teenagers to sell for Proctor and Gamble through word of mouth. Interpublic's Weber Shandwick has a plethora of dirty work for Timberland the rainforest loggers from New Zealand. Part of their work included knocking occupied protester sitting platforms out of trees with 5 ton logs airlifted by helicopters to swing as battering rams. And plastering "third wave" environmentalism everywhere which is public faced green-washing with no substance. Interpublic invited the World Wildlife Fund to a trip with Timberland just to photograph the two groups together falsifying they were in cohoots. Interpublic invited the World Wildlife Fund to a trip with Timberland just to photograph the two groups together falsifying they were in cohoots. Timberland's local populace opposed the rainforest logging by a tune of 95%; yet like CNN which has 6% approval rating, Interpublic painted them as mainstream. Illusionist Interpublic conjured Timberland a necessity to community economics. In reality it was 2 dozen people who were working the most dangerous rated civilian job available. Interpublic painted a picture of countless families dependent on rain forest logging.Interpublic created a fake group West Coast Voice of the Coast Action Network that would spread the lie of a people dependent on rain forest destruction. Inter public created its own journalism and bought journalists of surrounding vendors to push for rain forest destruction. Interpublic started the trend in manufactured news still used today; which is to only report the most extreme protesters while working to co-opt the moderate activists or push them into criminal activity with crisis actors. Either way Interpublic's moles would collect information on the activist agenda. Interpublic's intelligence operatives would penetrate and monitor all anti-loggers.
The Body Shop which sells spa supplies took to standing up to rain forest loggers which meant that Interpublic began working around the clock to dig up dirt discrediting The Body Shop. Interpublic fought The Body Shop for pointing out Shell Oil sponsored assassinations of Nigerian leaders. The anti-fracking poetry of Ken Saro-Wiwa in particular became grounds for assassination. Interpublic backs shale fracking companies Green Peace opposes: like Sandefer Capital Partners. Interpublic is behind Global Climate Information Project attacking climate science for oil baron clients. Interpublic's Weber Shandwick backs the Japanese Whaling Association. They made up the lie of Japanese cultural whaling; especially bogus considering the whaling is 6,000 miles from Japanese Coasts. Intepublic's Weber Shandwick also takes the spotlight off of Unilever and their vicious practice of animal testing for their products like Axe Body Spray, Dove Soap, Palmolive Dish Soap and Suave Shampoo. Interpublic works to keep the spotlight off of Nestle child slavery. Interpublic runs PR for Honeywell the military industrial contractor. Interpublic's Weber Shandwick not only kept American Airlines out of trouble when their planes crashed into the World Trade Center but also kept the public from focusing on building 7 housing Enron scandal ties to their client Chase Bank. Interpublic's Weber Shandwick counts Tony Blair's Labour Party among its clients. Of course HP had Carly Fiorna who became among the world's worst CEOs killing 30 thousand jobs and a shit merger with Compaq. Interpublic glossed over her failures setting her up for presidential candidacy. Interpublic's Weber Shandwick hides British Nuclear Fuels' waste. It was found that radioactive material migrates at an alarming rate underground and even more so in sediment. Interpublic started putting a healthy choice Smart Check on Yum GMO junk food. Interpublic hides Del Monte worker exploitation. The MWW Group tentacle of Interpublic covers up animal torture from Swiss pharma company Novartis. Interpublic also covers up the evergreening of Novartis. They cover up Pfizer genetically modified AIDS virus which leaked and spread. Interpublic also backs Bayer which knowingly infected consumers with the AIDS virus. Bayer as a derivation of the Nazi war machine IG Farben created Zyklon B. As well as creating Heroin. But Bayer is considered common pain reliever thanks to Interpublic. Interpublic's Golan Harris arm got Dow off the hook for the Bhopal disaster. Another chemically twisted company they run point for is Monsanto. In fact their behind National Pest Control Association which covers a plethora of bad pesticides and Interpublic figures out how to stifle news of the side-effect deformities. Interpublic's McCann Erickson also specializes in Army recruitment propaganda. Interpublic hid stock frickery of Worldcom leading to a greater bubble than Enron. Interpublic's Weber Shandwick runs defense on for Pfizer's use of Nigerian children for testing drugs. Air America Radio was among the only liberalish media sources actually anti-establishment in a real way and Interpublic aided Hewlett Packard heading advertisers to boot them off the air. The crew mostly vanished except for Rachael Maddow who became the meaningless establishment we know her as today. HP has a shit printer monopoly. Interpublic protects monopolies; like Luxottica which controls eyewear. HP dumps poisonous waste in third world countries along with the US government. HP like Exxon Greenwashes via Interpublic's PR Earth 911. Interpublic's Weber Shandwick hides KBR Halliburton jails made to house one sixth of America. KBR built Guantanomo. Interpublic's MWW covered trillions in Merrill Lynch debt . Merrill merged with Bank of America through the Weber Shandwick arm of Interpublic. Lynch's trillions in debt were put on Bank of America federally insured books during the 2008 merger; meaning taxpayers are on the hook for the loss. Interpublic's draftclub does PR for Animal Rights nightmare KFC. Interpublic created bullshit pump and dump stock inflation at investor's detriment. Interpublic has no share increase for 30 years; with inflation index stock loses money. Among Interpublic's many tentacles, the Octagon Company arm has a CEO whose Satanic numerology remodels the company every 9 years. 9 in Satanism is selfish because anything times 9 equals 9. The Skull and Bones sacred number for when the etiquette Goddess Eulogia was canonized is 322. 322 is transferred to 3 squared plus two as 1 and 1. 911 gets on the Porsches and emergency numbers and becomes the day of destruction. The bottomless infinite number of Revelations 9 11. Interpublic hides lethal side effects for GlaxoSmithKline. Interpublic represents Big Pharma like Eli Lily. They hide Nova Nordisk's diabetes drug Victoza as causing cancer. Interpublic has hidden HP's means of production: Chinese child slave labor. Apple is child slavery king- but its founder learned ethics working at HP. Interpublic ran PR to hide child slavery for Samsung too. CEO Apotheker replaced CEO Mark Hurd resigning for sexual criminality, stole software from Oracle who was spying on Microsoft which put back doors on everything for the government; so its hard to feel bad for any of them. Oracle got back at HP by hiring Mark Hurd as their president. HP got in trouble with UK's Financial Reporting Council, Securities Fraud Office and the US SEC for white collared crime. Of course the US SEC seldom follows through but UK charged the standard fines, inconsequential to big business. HP triggered the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act for numerous counts of bribery and thanks to Interpublic none the worse for it. Interpublic created the Ikea illusion of self-actualization ridiculed in Fight Club. US bribery is legal; HP has been part of the legislation writing ALEC as their technology task force. Interpublic also runs PR against recognition of Nike's child slavery. Interpublic is behind the Unlimited Talk false advertising on burner phones that the Federal Trade Commission cannot make a dent in. Interpublic keeps Sabra's image strong despite countless Lysteria outbreaks. Interpublic marketed Adobe Flash which is inferior to HTML5. Adobe Flash renders VPNs useless. They keep Experian going whose ironic stance as identity protection nonetheless has led to countless identity thefts especially T- Mobile which is cake to hack, again image maintained by Interpublic. The Human Rights Council, Presbyterian Church, City of Portland and numerous others have boycotted HP because of bio-metric population registry and prison tech for Israelis to use on Palestine. Interpublic obfuscates Hewlett Packard bloody hands. Interpublic gave us Jared Fogle for Subway. Interpublic also called IPG covers for Oreo outsourcing. Interpublic puts Rose glasses on ABInBev beer monopoly. And Interpublic runs PR against workers rights violations at Walmart. Interpublic creates bullshit reasons for Google to siphon news through establishment biased algorithms. In fact they help all sorts of companies with the PR needed for tax dodging including Fed Ex. Interpublic heinous Weber Shandwick arm keeps the civilian torture of Egyptian Intelligence from the public eye. Dig into the Dox for a deeper understanding of Interpublic; their corrupt agencies like Earth 911; and the predatory agencies they cater to like HP. You are the resistance. We are neither Jesus nor have we Alzheimer's. Expect us.


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Reupload of video exposing "Interrepublic, They cover up Pfizer genetically modified AIDS virus which leaked and spread. interrepublic also backs Bayer which knowingly infected consumers with the AIDS virus. Bayer as a derivation of the Nazi war machine IG Farben created As well as creating Heroin. But Bayer is considered common pain reliever thanks to Interpublic"

Interpublic, already infamous for their role in HIV coverups also involved in controlling the Chronavirus Narrative. (The bought for fake news reporting we have today was largely started by Interpublic)


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