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Buying Bonds at 2.5+ weekly. / 1-3 month maturity

Lu Xun

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I have the ability to buy billions of dollars in bonds at 2.5+ weekly interest (11+% monthly coupons) with a fixed repayment period of 1-3 months. If you are an alliance or High Net Worth Individual interested in selling me these bonds, please contact me by PM on this forum and we can discuss the bond sale / purchase.


If you are interested in purchasing zero-coupon bonds, couponed bonds, or just coupons from me, also please let me know via PM.

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Bonds for sale:


Rollback bond (may be extended indefinitely) at 3% weekly equiv The Originals, face value $1,560,000,000, maturity November 1st

Bond at 3% weekly equiv The Guild of the Netherworks, face value $312,000,000, maturity November 1st.


Contact for pricing.


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