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Aisling Duval

Lunar City Press Conference (April 2019)

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Imperial Palace Conference Room, Lunar City / 13 April 2019 - 6:36 PM

(Everyone has taken their seat. Aisling Duval walks in sitting in the middle chair of the desk by herself)

Hello everyone. I am Empress Aisling Duval. This is the very first press conference we have ever done here. I'm very honored to host this to answer questions regarding the future of the country and our plans moving forward. Before we start i'd like to say that I will be as transparent as I can but do note that some questions may be skipped if we don't have an answer for them. First question please.


Hi, Empress. My question is to ask what happened to the Meta Board? Featherine seemed to have disappeared without a trace and people seem proud of it.

(Aisling sat there, blowing out air - thinking about how to explain that) 

The Meta Board has officially dissolved yesterday because of the merge being completed. Featherine the former ruler of this land was not the best to the people. Before she left the government was collapsing following a scandal that she herself has been causing terrorist incidents around the country as a ploy to make people live in fear from The Collective who hasn't attacked the nation in over 12 months. We don't expect her to come forward to share more information about it. This event was called the 2018 Meta Board Senate Conspiracy. This officially killed the Meta Board after seven months of investigations. Next question.


Does the Empire have a regent? 

You guys make these questions hard for me. We do not have a regent. However, I will make this announcement because I am in fact carrying a child. The father's name will not be disclosed but he is a former government official of the Meta Board. His identity will be revealed in a later time.


For Foreign Affairs, are you planning on signing with former allies of the Meta Board? 

We have already signed with Britannia after sending one of my senators there. For other countries like Rokkenjima, I officially confirmed the termination of Mariage Sorciere under the grounds of a terrorism related scandal mentioned in the first question. We had no plans on renewing it from day zero. For other allies we're currently contacting them as we speak. I will share that information the instant I know.


What changes have you made so far?

That is a good question. My agenda for the first week was to reverse every policy that Featherine has put into place from 2016 to 2019. I've already done that and matched the policies with the rest of the Empire. Documentation from the Meta Board is no longer valid so we had to issue every individual new documentation which was a piece of work I might add. The Rokkaku Corporation has merged with another company - more information on that soon. Also we've lowered police activity nationwide to make people actually more comfortable in stepping outside and living their lives without big brother watching them. 


Going back to the Regent question. Why can't you share the information of the father?

He is placed under our protection after an assassination attempt from The Collective. It has come to our attention that since he returned from asylum in another country. He has been a marked man by this group for approximately three years. So we will not share information about him to ensure his safety and quite possibly mine. This is why our wedding will be a private event.


Why didn't you rename Lambdagrad?

This was mainly because for some reason, residents of the former capital wanted the city to be marked as an historical district. I decided to honour their requests and keep the city name as is. We will renovate the Lambdagrad Tower to be a hotel. Renovation is scheduled to start in May. 


What is your future plans?

To make this place a better place to live for everyone. Under my guidance, I feel like we can achieve great things. If we go out there and repair the damages that Featherine left behind. We can ensure a better future for old and new citizens alike. We are an empire. This is not MY Empire. This is OUR empire. With it we must look forward to the future day by day knowing that we can all contribute to something that might seem far from our reach. But it's closer than you think. 


We are unfortunately out of time. So we will be taking no more questions at this time. Thank you for coming and I hope to see you all in the next conference. We will be taking questions from foreign ambassadors post-conference. They're free to post questions to the transcript that is due to be released on the 14th and I personally will answer them. 

(Aisling got up from her chair, kindly waving to everyone before leaving the room)



















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