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Reuben Cheuk

Political Realignment

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The abrupt change in the global political environment had taken everyone by surprise. The USNE had lost their most important ally, and adjustments would need to be made accordingly. A military lightweight couldn't afford to be as noisy in a hostile world. In order to survive, the USNE would need to follow a well-known and cynical mantra, used by such great and respected nations as Italy in World War One and... Italy again, in World War Two. "If you can't beat them, join them".

British annexations were accepted and an olive branch of forgiveness was extended. The USNE also endorsed, and offered to assist in, their continental infrastructural projects. Most loudspeakers were removed, and those that remained would play music, including the Internationale, only. A statue of a worker with an outstretched hand, sculpted to the communist ideal, was erected on the border, inviting Britain to accept the handshake by erecting their own. A custom snow globe of great intricacy was sent to Jeremy Corbyn, as well as a request for a reestablishment of diplomatic communications.

A gift was sent to Frederick Corvus. The gift featured an emotional short film about a young German orphan, who struggles to survive, but is saved by the rise in living standards brought by the recent communist revolution. Also included was a message requesting the establishment of diplomatic relations.

A backlash against the far right began, with numerous far right groups designated as extremist or terrorist organisations. Those designated as terrorist organisations were outlawed.

Messages to Mexico, Britain, and the CSD were sent out, requesting the foundation of a left-wing international organisation, dedicated to defending worker's rights, social welfare, and combating fascism.

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The funding for the projects will be accepted as well as the offer to construct a statue in the name of the workers class. The Diplomatic relations are still gonna be shaky but they shall be reestablished, says Jeremy Corbyn, while the answer for the offer of an international organisation to combat fascism and improve the world is denied. The statement of Jeremy Corbyn goes as follows - There shall be an International organisation for that exact purpose one day. But it will be without the USNE.

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