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Lelouch Vi Britannia

The calm waters

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Lelouch walked along the wooden boards of his balcony viewing the ocean, a calm feeling to end the months of stress and tension the world had seen. Now everything had begun to fall into place, and the road to Britannia was clear. Lelouch raised a glass of liquor to the direction of the rising sun and smiled for a moment. "It was a good time I spent with you, but the winds of fate have turned for the last time, this is the beginning of a new chapter." He sipped his drink before setting it down on the rail and walking back inside.

The news played normally, no enemy invasion, no enemy fleet would threaten Britannia. Another day would pass, more military equipment would be produced, more soldiers trained, and more ships placed into the waters. The Emperor smirked as he viewed the sights one last time. This is where he knew he won. 

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