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Hola! Howdy Howdy!

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My fellow blood sucking tyrants/rulers/(ahem!) angels - I hope you are having fun.

Playing this game for a few days and am liking it so far.Now is the time to join an alliance since might stick around and be a pain  in the <<edited by admin>> for some time.

Looking for an alliance which gives certain degree of freedom(in farming) but can have rules which are practical.Also if the tax is non-existent or super low that would help.If there are grants and free loans for a new player that would help also for the many cities+army I need.

Also is there any guide which can point me to nation score and suggested army information? Thanks.



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6 hours ago, KnottyNinja said:

... and be a pain  in the <<edited by admin>> for some time...

Lies! :v

Welcome on board, @KnottyNinja. I suggest you do your own research and join one of the top 30 alliances or so. The more professional it looks, the better.

Most alliances of that level will offer what you are looking for (guides included), so, if some of them have some "hard" requirements (joining a Discord server, forums, fill in a form), do spend some time to apply properly. It will be worth it later on.

Good luck and have fun.

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