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The Kingdom of Old Restored

Barry Allen

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From the skies above the ruins of the once glorious Memphis, a large ship, simple in design but exotic with various streaks and shimmer of gold, hovers above the former capital building. From this ship many smaller ships begin to excrete and spread across the city using their advanced tools and systems to rearrange and rebuild the city. For what seems like days the ships scurry around moving and removing and restoring the city of Memphis and the area around it. After a few weeks the city would be added upon with new materials and advanced equipment and by the end of the following week the city would be finished and the capital of the returning empire established. 


Upon the establishment of the capital city the ships would spread out to unclaimed Egypt and Africa and middle East doing similar work but setting up power lines and essentials throughout first before finally beginning to broadcast and send out military forces to maintain control over the people. 

In front of the monitors and to any nation willing enough to pick up the transmission and watch a seemingly young man would stand up front wearing lots of gold and gems similar to the style of the old kingdoms though somehow more advanced in many ways. 


"People of Egypt, for far too long has Egypt been spat upon and disregarded by foreigners and invaders, for far too long have we sat idly by while our home was destroyed, but now, as your Pharoah, and as your Emperor, I am ending this. From now on you serve under the me, Pharoah Khnum Khufu and for your loyalty you'll relish in freedom and peace from oppression. Those who dare challenge my authority, will meet a swift end. To the foreign nations watching, we open ourselves to your inquiries and will gladly discuss possible treaties, however we will no longer accept the foreign colonization of African lands. I thank everyone for their time and attention and wish you a good day" 

The message ends and soon after work would continue with laws being posted in populated areas and in town squares, roadways being put together and critical connection lines being put together between the cities. Flags would shortly after be draped over important places to fly high above the newly founded Eternal Empire of Egypt. 



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