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i have to ask why is it so awful for someone in the game to use say a "terrorist" flag or the flag of a right wing groups, swastka (yes even the buddhist ones) yet why is it that leftist hate symbols are not banned? why is the hammer and sickle allowed? millions died under the symbol even to this day one could argue that people are still drying under it if you count the war in Ukraine at least.

so why is that not banned? why are stupid nation names and flags not banned? i put hard work writing a backstory for my nation same with many others.


to me nations named "gay republic or party city" make me more offended then someone called the 4th reich for example.


so....what gives? 

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This question has been asked about 1,000 times before, so it's not a new debate here.

Bottom line is this: Nazism & Terrorism are bad for business. I'm generally pro freedom-of-expression, but I draw the line on those things to cover my own ass. If you don't like it, that's too bad, you'll have to roleplay as a Nazi or Terrorist somewhere else.

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