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Ivan Ivanov

Natural Disasters/other city events

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I’ve seen this idea floated about different threads so I’ve decided to put it into one single post to talk about them (sorry in advance for terrible layout).


Natural Disasters.

I am against complete destruction of cities, because as others have said, nations with a large amount of cities have to pay a big premium to rebuild them again. As a compromise for this I suggest that Natural Disasters only destroy a certain amount of infrastructure/improvements, depending on what the natural Disaster is. Now, before everyone gets mad at me because they thought this would be “something like nuclear meltdowns that can’t be prevented”, I propose a solution to this problem.



I propose that we introduce new improvements specifically designed to defend against these disasters, and even update improvements already in game to help as well. What I mean by this is (names for improvements are up for change, just a rough draft atm):


Tsunami; preventable by ‘Sea Walls’, which safeguard a certain amount of infrastructure per improvement (say, one sea wall protects 500 infra against tsunamis), or ‘Sea Alert Systems’ (which provide and early warning for tsunamis that not only advises the player that one is incoming but also allows for less population loss because the population is “evacuated”)

Meteor Strike; preventable by ‘Space Beam’ (a bit futuristic but raptors was once a suggested idea, which breaks apart the meteor into smaller amounts, and this smaller amount of meteor damages less infrastructure [basically the same premise as ‘Sea Walls’ but for Meteors]), and Subways (already existing, but can allow for less population loss against meteors), and ‘Space Radars’ (which gives early warning for the player and population)

Bushfire/fire; destroys a certain amount of infrastructure per turn (but has a maximum for balance), preventable by Fire Stations (one fire station takes, say, four turns to fully stop a fire (and you’d have four turns of fire damage), however more Fire Stations = less damage. Fire Watch Towers, which can provide an early warning against bushfires.



I also suggest some good nations events, which balance out the bad ones;

Sales (Boxing Day, EoFY etc [either by random chance or IRL sales]); for one turn, commerce is increased by 100% (turn and percentage can change, this is why we have a test server).

Nation Birthday; bit of an out of roleplay idea but I suggest when your nation turns one year older (either by game time or RL time) get some money or a boost to something (just a throwaway idea, not too serious on this one).

Major ore vein found; affects all the natural resource mines in ONE city (bauxite, lead etc., excluding farms), and boosts their production for one or more turns.


These are just some of the ideas I had. I haven’t done proper chance numbers in case my idea is well-liked by the community, but it is currently just a rough draft. Feel free to critique or add your own ideas.

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Hopefully not a necro but I have new ideas:

Bank robbery: if the crime in your city is too high (let’s say 10%+) for too long (let’s say 60? turns), a gang will rob a bank in that city. If a bank is robbed you will lose that bank and will have to buy another and you will also lose a certain amount of money ($10k maybe?).

Earthquake: similar to other natural disasters I’ve suggested, an earthquake has a tiny chance to hit per turn. If it does, you lose an amount of infra and maybe some improvements in your cities. They could be preventable by Seismic Detectors (again another improvement) and subways, which can help reduce population loss.


Reading over my suggestions I have also noticed that subways get used often. A proposal to reduce how overpowered subways are would be to either increase the cost of them, or make it so that one subway can only save a small amount of population, and the rest of your population has to rely on emergency shelters.

Emergency Shelters: now these would act similarly to subways, protecting population from all disasters. However, you are allowed to build more than one, and are limited in that they only protect population and don’t provide other things that a subway would do (commerce, pollution.)


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