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Natalia Poklonskaya

Establishing Relations: Secretary Edition

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Today, the Secretary of State, Elizabeth McCord, has announced her first visit to a foreign nation as the head of Foreign Affairs, which would essentially inform the world that the Allied States will not isolate itself during rebuilding America. The previous government understood the necessity of holding diplomatic relations with foreign governments, and the Allied States hopes to reestablish these relations sooner rather then later.

Elizabeth McCord has made a statement concerning this issue


The Allied States of America has one distinct disadvantages over other countries, which is the lack of diplomatic relations with any foreign governments. We still have not gained a single official recognition from any world powers. This issue causes us to be cut out of trade talks, peace agreements and other important events around the globe. We do not have the advantages of nations who have been officially recognized as a sovereign state due to our fast arrival as a newly formed government, and one that so far has been kept quiet while we rebuild America to its former glory. We may have not finished rebuilding, but the President and I both agree that we cannot sit back and wait, as the world will not wait for us. We must charge into the world and hope for the best to bring change to the world, to make a better world. So as my first action as Secretary of State, I will be flying to Gothenburg, Kingdom of Scandinavia to establish formal diplomatic relations with this relatively peaceful kingdom to take the first steps of opening relations with the international community and further expand our positions and interests of our newly formed nation.  

-Elizabeth McCord, Secretary of State of the Allied States of America



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With news of a foreign visit by the Allied States of America, it was noted that a

representative must be selected to meet with their Secretary of State before she

arrives and make sure she will be well received on arrival. Soon, it was decided

that Mathias Køhler, the Danish representative and member of the Nordic Council,

will be the one who will be welcoming Secretary McCord in Göteborg Landvetter

Airport before proceeding to meet King Ciel at Gothenburg Manor. Over there,

plans for discussion of diplomatic ties and treaties will be arranged for both

representatives and the Secretary will be allowed to stay for as long as she likes.



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Today the Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord has landed at Gothenburg, Kingdom of Scandinavia international Airport to meet up with the representative at the airport to discuss potential trade agreements and other diplomatic ties to establish ties with the outside world. The Secretary of State has already made arrangements for a modest hotel, preapproved by the Secret Service's team, who are in charge of her protection, and will be escorting her everywhere she goes, as she represents the President of the Allied States of America. The President and Congress have already gave her authorization to create and sign agreements between the two nations. We wish Madam Secretary success on her diplomatic missions.


-End of Televised report of the event, back to regular scheduled programming-


Gothenburg International Airport, 

Gothenburg, Kingdom of Scandinavia

Elizabeth calmly exits the plane and walks into the terminal, where she awaits for the represenative she was told to meet there that would be escorting her and her team to their designated location...


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The Secretary of State of the Allied States of America was welcomed at Gothenburg

Airport Terminal by the Danish Governor and a small security team. As they were greeting

each other cordially, a crowd of citizens also came along to greet the Secretary and hand

her gifts of letters and flowers. Soon, she was escorted to a meet up point where a

limousine will bring the group to her hotel and later the Gothenburg Manor, residence

of King Ciel. Then, talks will soon commence on topics such as foreign relations as well

as economic and military cooperation.

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The Secretary of State, finally unpacking and getting dressed is ready to make her way to the Gothenburg Manor. 


I have arrived to Gothenburg, Kingdom of Scandinavia, the proud and welcoming citizens of this nation welcomed me to their country with welcoming gifts. As such, I want to thank the Scandinavian citizens for allowing me to enter the nation to hold this historic meeting with the Government of Scandinavia. 



OOC: sorry im not good at all with character interaction RP and didnt know how to expand the Secretary's part on going to the Manor with barely information of the area for me to describe anything. Once we get to the meeting part, I will have a better time writing a better post. 

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As the Secretary of State arrived at the Gothenburg Manor, she was welcomed at

the lobby personally by King Ciel himself as both American and Scandinavian

photographers took turns snapping at the scene. “It is surely a pleasure to have

you here, Miss Secretary! I really do hope your stay here will be enjoyable” He

smiled softly before leading her and her escorts into a private meeting room,

where they’d be able to discuss more about improving their economic, military

and political stances with each other’s respective nations.

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"King Ciel, its nice to finally meet you in person, the president sends her condolences that she couldn't be here today on this historic meeting. We are interested in opening up trade routes from Scandinavia to America and vise versa. We both have rising economies, and we see the necessity to expand American economic influence. I assure you that creating economic ties will further both of our nations," the Secretary states before taking a sip from her cup of tea. 

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