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Purge of the Unworthy

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"This is the Crimson Lion squad vicecaptain, Charles Vergil, my second in command. He and 4 others in my squad will be participating in the operation." Magic Knight Captain Alexander Vermillion announced, as he bowed to the Wizard King.

"Very good. I will be assigning you an additional 150 Knights, as well as a squad of 32 of our aircraft and a Citadel.  You are to purge those residing in the ghetto, which will ensure those without mana cannot spread their affliction. The bulk of your forces will go there, while your elite are to target the mages in the Northern Steel Mill, where 13 mages are hiding. They're apart of the organization that insist on protecting those who lack an affinity for magic. They are a roadblock to what we are attempting to accomplish. Eliminate them, and return here." The king ordered, before dismissing them.



The floating island, shorthanded to a Citadel, moved to hover beside the ghetto. The knights would covertly establish a perimeter around the ghetto, to ensure that None would escape. They would then cast Wall of Stone in mass, rapidly creating a thick wall around their intended target. Following this, the knights would work their way to the center of the ghetto...

"Virgil, you take the north entrance. I will take the roof with alpha squad and beta squad will take the back. The priority is to detain those in league with Solis Sanctum. Intelligence suggests that there are 5 here that match that criteria. Good luck, men." Alexander told them before walking off.

"Do we have any Intel on what they look like?" One of the magical knights asked.

"Not a shred. You will have to probe their memory with the spell Shared Memory. Each squad is assigned an Interrogator, for that very purpose. Find and detain the beligerants immediately." Alexander called back before using mass teleport.

Nearly 30 minutes pass...

"Captain, we've detained one on the stairwell, that makes 8." A magic knight called through an earpiece imbued with message.

As the captain listened to this, an assailant lurked in the shadows, invisible to the untrained eye. However, with Alexander's powerful magic, he had developed a talent, called blindsense. He could detect creatures within 30 feet of him. He could not discern much using this talent, but it prevented assassin's from being effective. Alexander would let loose a fireball, consuming the assailant and himself in a sea of flame, encompassing a 30 ft area. When it finally died down, the assailant was breathing raggedly, fully viable to an unscathed Alexander.

"Many generations ago, Maximillion Vermillion struck a pact with a Pheonix, and let it go free in exchange for it's blood. We have been blessed with an immunity to fire, and as such, I am free to use spells with such spread at no risk to myself. Surrender now, and I will not kill you. Refuse, and I will take my time with you; I have a few new spells I'd like to try any way, so either decision is fine!" The man would boom with a sadistic enthusiasm...

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Alexander dragged the half dead mage towards the center of the roof, where his voice boomed. "Mental Prison," was all that came out, and the opposing mage went completely limp. "How is the operation, Squad Leader?" Alexander called out using message.

"43% of the ghetto has been purged thus far. No major resistance to mention. No casualties on our end, but we'll have plenty of undead for labor when we need it, sir. The Ghetto had a population of 26,000." The squad leader called back.

"Vice captain, We need to finish things on our end, or well be outdone by the regulars. We are magic knights, and I refuse to be upstaged." He swapped to his subordinate, his voice containing urgency.

"We've captured 2 more, captain. Only 1 remains, but he's estimated to have the mana of a captain. I've ordered the men to recon, but not engage." Virgil told him.


'I've accomplished what I needed to, time to get out.' Thought a rather talk man, wearing a mask and wearing a rather tattered garb. "Tell everyone to use the defensive rings they were given." He calmly instructed as he retrieved the data drive. As he did so, he vanished in an instant.

All around the magic knights, the 12 prisoners vanished in a bright purple light. Once the light faded, the prisoners had disappeared. In front of the masked man, his comrades laid beaten and bloody. 4 had died from their wounds, 3 were unresponsive, and the other 5 were badly wounded.

"It seems you had rough time, I apologize for what you endured. We sustained substantial losses, but we were able to accumulate footage of their atrocities and data on 2 of the collectives facilities. I imagine they used Mental Prison on Aldreich, Ainz and Svet. I'm not sure we have the power to break it. Yvette, please take them to the infirmary and make them comfortable. Baris, Nadia, Xavier, and Talos will be burried. The rest of you should have your wounds tended by Fana; we will not take this assault lying down, I assure you." The masked man told them, his voice shaking in frustration.

"Of course, Lord Harmon. We will make that blood stained king pay for his crimes." The one called Yvette told him vigorously.

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Collective Research Facility

"We've been having substantial success in energy creation, sir. Initially we created 2 Gates that would teleport the stream of water from the bottom back to the top. This would then turn the water wheel, which would then turn the turbines, producing energy. Even on a leyline, using Gates is costly, mana wise, so we'd only be able to do a few turbines. But by transfering to Dimensional Door, were able to utilize significantly less mana to achieve the same results. Utilizing a leyline hitspot, we could easily have 40 turbines producing enough energy for 75% of a city.

Utilizing this technology, we could drastically reduce our dependency on coal and oil. The cost of one of these facilities would likely end up around 349 million however. Additionally, it requires a lot of steel, which we do not produce a lot of, sir." One of the researchers explained to the Collective Magister sent to check the projects status.

"This is excellent. We have the resources to produce steel, just not the facilities. For now we can seek the resources from foreign entities while we build the facilities, if that's what the King should decide. Very good." He would say simply as he began walking towards the next room.

There was a small canon mounted to the floor, with a mage standing bbehind it. The mage would cast his spell(Fireball), into the cannon, where a small area blurs as of a glass pane had fractured. The fireball could be seen unleashing it's torrent 30 ft behind the mage.

"Test 1 is a success. The magic is not destabilized when going through a dimensional door. Range limit is estimated at 40 miles, thanks to the 4 glass amplification runes. If we incorporate the Clairvoyance targetting system, this weapon will dramatically inprove our artillery." The mage spoke into his record, recording his thoughts.

"Excellent, my friend. The King should be very pleased with your progress. Wrap this project up quickly and you could see an increase in your funding." The Magister commented before dutifully going toward the final project. The final project had been going on for 8 months with no progress and many failures. It had eaten most of its budget, and had 3 months to produce results before being ended.

The project in question was an invisible cruise missile with teleportation(dimension door) capabilities to evade and strike enemy targets in fortified locations. The missile was unable to be invisible and teleport simultaneously, as it overloaded the missile and detonated as a result. Even while invisible, the missile produced signals, so radar tracking methods still work. The teleportation did not make up for it's lack of speed, and ultimately made it more of a target. Thus, orders were made to produce two separate missiles:

The first, was an invisible missile that was cheap and could be mass produced. This would nullify proximity fuses that kill large numbers of missiles through fragmentation. (These generally have to match an image while using radar to confirm target before detonating. Choosing only 1 delivery method endangers civilians.)

The second, was a warhead designed to use dimension door to evade advanced missile defenses. These would emphasize speed over anything else, and would be either kinetic projectiles or nuclear warheads.

"How is the project going, Yurich?" The Magister asked with a frown.

"The type one was successful. Making missiles invisible is a simple matter. The type 2 has eluded me. I've used a complex sequence of weight reduction magic and speed enhancement magic, but the fastest I can simulate these.missiles is mach 3. It's not fast enough to evade modern air defenses, even with the dimension door magic. We could, in theory, simply use a gate, but the longer the distance, the more unstable the gate. It could cause the warhead to detonate before it even entered, causing damage to our own equipment and staff." The man told him.

"Do you want me to report a partial success, then?" The Magister inquired.

"No, I still have 3 months and I desire to continue this avenue of research. It must be possible." The man insisted.


Though the ghetto had been completely purged, an effort was made to repair the damage done to the area. The intent was to make it appear as though the population had simply relocated. After several days of effort, they would finally complete their project before dispelling the walls.

"I'm glad they're finally gone," a local man was recorded saying. "It should improve the value of my house once they start taking it down." 

On the news, it was widely announced that the population had been relocated to the Sydney ghetto, where a sharp decrease in non magical civilians had been discovered. Little did the civilians know that was a result of systematic kidnapping of families, where they were quietly eliminated. The capital, Heralded as the magic capital of the world,  could not be seen as having a high number of non magical civilians.

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.:Syndey Capital Building:.

"Two more mana receptacles were sabatoged this month, sir. Our mana collection is down 11%. It's not going to dramatically affect us, but if this continues we could end up seeing the ramifications." One of the minister informed the King.

"Aye, we can't allow this to continue. So, clearly we must do something to draw out the offenders. Any ideas?" The king proved those sitting within the room.

A Magic Knight Captain, clad in a deep blue robe, would reply, " They like the afflicted, right? We stop the covert purging. Eliminate the remaining ghettos under the guise of a series of terrorist attacks, referencing the attacks by Solis Sanctum." The Magic Knight Captain Aurora Boismortier.

"An excellent proposition. We will move to execute the plan in a months time, so we will mobilize the knights. We will send the regulars to attack the ghettos, while we utilize the Citadels to fortify critical locations. The squads will be kept in reserve to be deployed as needed. Is this plan agreeable?" The king inquired to the room.

Those residing in the room would quietly nod in agreement, as everyone's minds began to deliberate on the potential aftermath. 

One specific individual in the room, saw this as an opportunity. Not for glory, but to further their own ends.

'Should this go over poorly to the public, they will seek a new king. I can utilize my allies clout to take the crown from the fool. Should he keep favor, I will have quietly supported him from the background.'


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