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Leader Name Nation Name Alliance Date Created Last Login Score
Caracalla II Holy Empire Of Rome Confederate States of Orbis 05/07/2018 05/11/2018 287.06
Joy PowaGoncion None 03/15/2018 04/30/2018 54.79
Samuel New Australian Republic Pantheon 04/29/2018 05/09/2018 409.89

Nature of Violation:

He is trading between multis, and I explained it to him that he broke the rules of PNW. I asked him to verify if he is alone or not. Today, he would not verify himself after repeated to do. I was suspected that he is alone who play four nations. After that, he deleted one nation down and keep three nations. @Alex


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ping alex for did not read the report.
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guys I'm trying to delete my other account, I made a new one but it takes 3 days to delete them. I'm not trading with myself at all, that third account is my sisters and if you check it it's gray, because she is inactive and doesn't use it. She forgot her password and that's why it is gray and she doesn't log in. I can delete my second account tomorrow and wont create another account ever again

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Wow, you are not good at lying to Alex and others. Can you explain this that you created these nations after I explained the PNW rules and advised you to not do? You are still breaking the rule for trading yourself and ignore my advice. I wish you good luck.


Evidences : 





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I don't remember you explaining the rules, can you show me the messages? I didn't trade with myself I made a new nation because my other one wasn't working out! Now that I understand my mistake I hope you can forgive me

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