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OrgRP - Let's Talk About the Mechanics of the International System

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I guess up until this point I have been making certain assumptions about the way the international system functions that may not be universally accepted. For the sake of a coherent RP, it'd be nice to get a general consensus on how the international system works and how nations interact in between times where governments are taking direct actions toward one another. 


Here are some of the assumptions I've been making, and it would be nice to get input on them from the rest of the community:

  1. That nations have maintain diplomatic contingents in other countries unless specified otherwise in canon (e.g. travel bans, having them recalled/deported, periods of armed conflict, etc.). There are going to be variations in size and nature of these contingents based on national relationships.
  2. Trade, at least in some degree, occurs between all nations unless specified otherwise in canon (e.g. embargoes, periods of armed conflict, etc.). There are certainly going to be variations in specific trade partners and volume of trade.
  3. Currencies, where they exist, are in general circulation and are generally exchangeable at the proper exchange rate.
  4. People, more or less, have free movement between countries barring specific reasons in canon to the contrary (e.g. oppressive regimes, travel bans, etc.).
  5. Unclaimed territories are generally inhabited and may or may not have some form of marginal government that can be interacted with in reasonable ways. They may or may not have populations and economies similar to their real world counterparts.
  6. Seas are generally governed by  norms that, more or less, resemble the real world.
  7. Skies are generally managed in a manner similar to the real world, with international cooperation to manage civil aviation. 


There are probably some obvious things that I missed. It would also be awesome to come to some sort of mutual agreement on at least a vague idea of what the international system looks like.

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I'll go down the list with my own perceptions for the past year+

1) This is a less interactive world than real life, with minimal explicit diplomatic interactions beyond what would amount to consulates.
2) Yes, and no. Ideally everyone should be negatively impacted by embargos of certain resources, such as oil, rare earth minerals, or even iron and steel, but that is rarely actually the case, and generally people just go without with no real negative impact. Some people have RP'd negative consequences of course, but rarely the norm.
3) Yes, the question is what are those currencies backed by, or is the entire planet fiat currency?
4) Tourism occurs but probably not as frequently as in real life.
5) Yes, but are almost always weaker than PC nations. I would welcome adding NPC nations to the map, but doing so could make the map appear less inviting than white space does.
6) Generally, but trade routes are still trade routes.
7) Majority of nations I'd say yes, a few would likely restrict their airspace to foreign flights.

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