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Wedding Day

Barry Allen

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Moments before the wedding the bulk of the nation watches live as the Emperor is set to walk down the aisle with the love of his life. At the same time the nation has never been on higher alert. After a while the music begins to play and the Government of the Regime, who were the only ones allowed in actual seats, rise and watch as down the aisle come close friends from the groom and groom. And the eventually the soon to be walk down. Barry is holding Hal's hand with a smile he hadn't had in a long time. They reach the front and begin the ceremony. 


The musicians move off in a very formal march as all eyes focused on the couple in the shirt time they both say their vows. After the vows are finished the rings are brought out and a passionate kiss is shared between the two and a massive roar of applause is shared and fireworks go off while 3 IFO fly across the sky in an amazing show of congratulations.


And soon after a beam of light from each color if the lantern corps is shot into the sky.


After this a small ceremony is held crowing Hal Jordan-Allen as equal Emperor of The Regime.



Finally, after the wedding and ceremony are finished, Barry and Hal go on their honeymoon to a secluded but very secure Island as third in charge, Roy Harper, fills in. 



#WALDOASF SIGGIF.gif.fbe87157f6507ae8c6df0ee1d66bd3b1.gif

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