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Prince Hunter of Bavaria

'Licensed Terror' A special edition on FR1

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FR-1 News Report; Licensed Terror

   As a champion of Human Rights, Laurentia should be horrified to hear of such reports, we are sorrow for these acts we hail the brave acts of Robert Walters and Carlos Franco who paid the ultimate price it was reported by the DGSE their agents were killed in the line of duty by fellow Agent and leaker Eliza Brunso. Here at FR1 Our hearts and prayers are with the families of Franco and Walters. Leaks and whistleblowers they are a necessary evil to keep governments in check and organizations in control. While I condemn the law-breaking actions of Walters and Franco, it is perhaps that act that makes them the ultimate patriot. 

   Let me stop you right there Eric, these leaks put the lives of many agents in danger, they did not redact nor edit any intelligence that clearly points out agents names and identities from Algeria and Egypt where Laurentia is fighting a terror group to the Army bases inside Italy, Quebec, and Switzerland which are vital to our war and operations in those regions. It is both Illegal and dangerous what these men have done, and they have committed Treason and broken many federal laws. 

  Are you supporting torture, Michelle? 

 Dear god no, but there is no concrete information. The only information with real backing and hard evidence is damaging to our war against Zodiac and against threats to this Republic. We need to have faith in our Government to operate and our soldiers on the field need to have the right information and intelligence to do their jobs. 

 But Michelle, what if that information comes at the price of our humanity! We are no better than the terrorists themselves. 

 Eric, we have a duty to our nation to trust them and not only that but the terrorists that attacked us in Nice and Paris did not give a regard to human lives, the separatists in Flanders and Switzerland did not give a damn to human lives when they attacked civilians and the Eslovan did not give a damn to human lives when they began an ethnic genocide. I am fairly certain our Government tried everything before they resorted to torture if they even did so. 

 I would like to note that Reubenia has also been reported to Harbor known-terrorist Eliza Brunso who is allegedly charged with killing two federal agents and treason. These leaks have certainly startled the nation, but not in ways you would have expected. The President's own party has condemned the leaks, calling it a betrayal to the nation and that those who leaked the information should be punished. Many on the right and other conservative parties followed suit condemning the leaks and the actions of Reubenia in aiding and abiding the Terrorist Eliza Brunso. 

 Claire is right! These acts are a betrayal to the nation and those responsible should be punished!......

Is it not the responsibility of the Citizen to hold the government accountable? If the Citizen cannot hold the Government accountable then the Government is and will be a dictatorship no better than a crown. These men and women put the State and their ultimate duty above all else even with the knowledge they would die. The actions of these men and women regardless of how wrong exposed an evil within our n...

 They only exposed one thing, our men, and women on the fields of Geneva and on the hills of Quebec. They exposed the valiant agents doing their service to protect their nation in Egypt, Algeria, and across the globe fighting the threats that threaten our nation. 

Thank you both for giving our viewers your input, and we have live videos of protests from outside the Reubenian Embassy demanding Eliza Brunso's return and protests outside the Presidnential Residnence and DGSE Office calling for accountablity and government prosecution to happen. This will be a long week for the Government as they attempt to handle not only this crisis but their Anti-Terrorism bill and the threats of spillover from the Quebec Election. This is Claire Tomagachi from FR1 on this week's special. "Licensed Teror" 

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