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Lee Young-suk

Joint Military Exercise - Active Endeavor

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Joint Military Exercise – Mogatopia, Thundera, and United States


For the first time ever, Mogatopia or commonly known as Mog[Corp], Thundera and United States of Asia jointly held the largest military exercise. Mogatopia sent Comoros Class AAS Amphibious Assault Ships along with 4,000 brave and strong marines and some surveillance ships, Thundera sent 1,100 Soldiers under Command of Commander Julius Valentin, and United States sent 30,000 Army soldiers, F-35 Lightning II multirole combat aircrafts, B-52 Strategic Bomber aircrafts,  Freedom Class littoral combat ships and 1 aircraft carrier (USS Freedom, USS Sovereignty and USS Syngman Rhee),  AH-64 Apache Attack Helicopters, and some M270 Multiple Rocket Launcher System.

The exercise took place in the coast of Sea of Japan at Primrosky Krai, Republic of Russia, United States. The Joint Chiefs of Staff directly observed the exercise from a building near the exercise arena. US Secretary of Defense Xi Jinping said that this exercise solely for training purpose and strengthen the solidarity among the participant nations.

 …It is purely to tighten our solidarity and there is no hidden purpose behind this…

Journalists from International, National and Local media are allowed to make coverage direct from the arena but some places are considered as prohibited for journalists. Media coverage must pass a lot of Military Polices who secure the exercise arena.


Mogatopian Comoros Class Amphibious Assault Ship, arrived 

This is the biggest and most ambitious military exercise in more than a decade. Over 36.000 troops – from air, land and maritime forces – from 3 nations (Mogatopia, Thundera and United States) join together to train, exercise and learn from one another.

This exercise will be the culmination of a series of dynamic and demanding training events designed to train the troops of the Quick Response Force, test the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF) and enhance readiness, flexibility and interoperability in response to a changed security environment and to challenges from the Africa and Asia. During his Opening Remarks, General Kazune Shinseki (Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff) thanked “Mogatopia and Thundera for following this military exercise”.


The exercise is based on a fictitious scenario, involving the use of military capabilities in an out-of-area crisis response mission. Events in the exercise will range from the effects of subversion and terrorist attacks to conventional warfare, cyber-attacks, Hybrid Warfare and humanitarian crisis.  The scope of this exercises will continue to be in line with the challenges that the nations may face and with the new adaptation measures.

This exercise also shows the nations commitment to transparency and predictability. The military exercises are intended to enhance security and stability in the peaceful in the World. Everything United States does is defensive, proportionate and in line with our international commitments.

We have collected some pictures from the Exercise arena







When it comes to defend our Fatherlands, Once is Never Enough

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Intelligence gathered was about what was expected from such an event, naval capabilities near first world standards, not unlike China in the first quarter of the 21st century of the corporation's original timeline. The surveillance vessel that had tagged along with the corporate fleet recording the unique signatures of the Thundera, and United States naval vessels, along with keeping track of preferred communication channels for future reference.



"We live in a world with much instability, and many problems facing the planet as a whole, it is through individual strength and a willingness to use that power when required that will solve many of these problems. Not all can be solved alone of course, and some require working with neighbors to secure your region of the world. I hope that this exercise serves as an inspiration to those in Asia seemingly unable to act against the ills that plague this corner of the world."


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US Secretary of Defense Statement


Our focus was heavily on adapting our military to these circumstances, both institutionally and in the short term as well, what we have to do right away. And we focused on conventional warfare and destabilizing activities by several nations. We spent a fair amount of time on enhanced forward presence operations, and those, as most of you know, are having world-wide military presence.  Those nations are Mogatopia, Thundera and United States. And I've observed some of these troops in the field. It is really quite energizing to see young soldiers from across these nations working together in the forests of Primrosky and elsewhere in the Sea of Japan as they make clear in a fully defensive orientation that we stand united and together on a framework of strategic partnership. 

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