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The Fifth Column [FT Open]

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Arrival of the legions


Orbis System


In the darkness of space, the fabric of time and space began to rip and tear, what appeared to be bright red lightning strikes shot across space, leaving what appeared to be bright white cracks in space itself. Through the cracks appeared thousands of ships, some small, some large and even the monsters of the Triskeli fleet. In mere moments a large portal had appeared, a gaping stormy eye bleeding millions of star ships into the darkness of space, like a disease slowly infecting the host body, the ships began to spread far and wide into the galaxy.


Triskeli ship ‘Gladiator’ Executor Class SSD


Standing at the helm of the monstrous vessel a middle aged Imperial Officer, which was a strange sight as most larger ships in the Triskeli fleet were commanded by someone older. Though there was something different about this officer. His blood red eyes were glued to the front view ports, piercing through the thick armour he was glaring at the planet in front of him, a sense of intrigue and hunger was flowing through him. It was unfortunate for the inhabitants of the planet that they had fallen in the path of a Triskeli expeditionary fleet, armed with ships beyond their dreams and enough troops to occupy several galaxies he watched and waited.


From behind him a lowly clone trooper ensign approached and saluted †My lord, the portal is strong and holding. The 7th fleet is taking up positions around us, little more than twenty percent of our troop transports are through currently but does give us around a few hundred million men to deploy if need be†.


Without breaking eye contact with the planet the officer responded Have the majority of the fleet hold position, wait until the bulk of our force is through, until then have our destroyers take up defensive positions at 1 AU from the portal. Any ship that ventures too close to our vessels are to be hailed and stopped. If they fail to be stopped and boarded then they are to be destroyed before they can report our position to anyone else. Have the clone commanders scan the surface for a suitable landing zone for our assault ships to deploy. Once the assault ships are in position I want them to deploy the clones and have them set up a beach head.


†My Lord, it shall be done, our sensors have picked up some allied signals coming from in and around the system. Shall I have our advanced ships hail them?†The clone responded.

Grand Admiral Almach smiled, his bright white teeth glistening from beneath his dark blue lips “I’ll hail them myself. I do not want any errors with our mission. No ships from our fleet are to break communication silence unless it is vital.


Without a word the clone saluted and went about his duties.

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