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Arnaldo Florin

The Kingdom of San Florence

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Current Status of Nation:

San Florence is a well-funded and very advanced nation. San Florence also has a very strong military in quantity and quality. The Kingdom of San Florence is mostly surrounded by water which means trades are mainly across seas. The capital city St. Florence is named after the nation itself and the ruler himself Arnaldo “Arno†Florin. The capital city of the most guarded city in the kingdom. It has a strong presence of special guardians called “The Sentinelsâ€. They are the royal guard and they guard the King when he visits other countries or even outside the royal palace. The Sentinels are the most advanced and highly trained guardians and soldiers San Florence has. They rarely participate in wars. The main purpose of the Sentinels is to protect and keep the peace, but they will not hesitate to any threat that is toward The Kingdom. Another reason why the Sentinels are so special is because they are handpicked by the King and the High Council themselves. The Knight Order are like Sentinels but are independent. Knights travel the world sometimes they go on a pilgrimage. They sometimes participate on wars when it is absolutely needed. San Florence is also accompanied with natives to these lands. The King felt that the natives are an important part of the world history and also San Florence’s history. There used to be many tribes but they all unified into one tribe and they are called “The Acatec Tribeâ€. King Arnaldo and their leaders are strong allies and have agreed to live with one another. 40% of the land of San Florence are occupied by The Acatec Tribe. They respect each other’s ways of life and they swore to protect each other if a threat arises in the Kingdom.


History of "The Light Asteroid":

An asteroid hit the land where now The Grand Temple of Knights and Sentinels sits on. The rock was discovered many years ago by the ancient tribes that lived around that area. It has been recorded in the books of the Acatecs and it says that it must have crashed there more than 1,000 years ago. In the books it also says that the element found in the rock was filled with power and has crystals inside; and for some reason it would spread its crystals to nearby caverns and from those caverns it spread even further to more caverns. Archaeologists of San Florence discovered these caves and decided to call them “Crystal Cavesâ€. There exists more than 100 caves in San Florence today and more are still being discovered. Today those crystals inside the caverns are used to build and construct sabers for the Sentinels and Knights. A very small portion of it is used to power cities. The King decided the power in those crystals shall not be used for weapons of mass destruction. He declared that it is the rightful property of the Acatec Tribe. The Knights and Sentinels came from the Acatec Tribe so that is why they are permitted to use it. Knights-in-training are not permitted to wield a saber until they complete their training and perform the knighthood ceremony. After completing their training and the knighthood ceremony they must find their crystal for their saber by themselves. Every crystal is different just like every person on earth is different. Finding a crystal is the final test to become Knight. People from all over the world come to San Florence to find out for themselves if they're worthy become knights. Knights don’t just defend the Kingdom they are also meant to protect the world from threats. Sentinels are only handpicked by the King himself or the High Council of San Florence. Sentinels are meant to protect and guard the people of San Florence and they are professionals and the most loyal to the Kingdom that is how they are chosen. There are more than 5000 knights but there are only less than 500 Sentinels in San Florence. Today, The Grand Temple of the Knights and Sentinels sits on top of the Light Asteroid, that was what San Florence decided to call the mysterious rock. Minor temples are found all over San Florence as small headquarters for Knights and Sentinels who go to different cities or provinces around San Florence to rest or operate.


Form of Government: Constitutional Monarchy


King Arnaldo Florin:

  • Born on January 19, 1985 (23 years old)
  • Currently unmarried
  • Has two brothers: Prince Henrique Florin and Prince Theodore Florin

High Council of San Florence (from oldest to youngest member (age)):

  1. Zachariah Cohen (Right Hand of the King) 
  2. Ezra Schwarts
  3. Joel Mandel
  4. Jeremiah Prinz
  5. Daniel Abrams
  6. Ezekiel Septim

The Kingdom of San Florence:

  • Capital City is St. Florence
  • Flag: http://i.imgur.com/FHvg47r.png
  • Technologically Advanced Nation
  • Strong and Advanced Military
  • Main trade is by overseas

Florian Military:

The Acatec Tribe: 

  • Territory/Map: http://i.imgur.com/mt4lrHq.png
  • They use to be divided but were then unified when San Florence was founded
  • The Acatec Tribe have their own militia and small council but they still follow San Florence's laws and consider themselves part of San Florence
  • They have temples spread out all over San Florence and are guarded by Sentinels and their own soldiers

The Sentinels of Florence: http://i.imgur.com/FJNx2b0.jpg | http://i.imgur.com/phhywcO.jpg | http://i.imgur.com/APA0Zm9.jpg

  • Guardians and Protectors of the Kingdom
  • Rarely get involved with warfare
  • They have their own headquarters (The Grand Temple) apart from the military main headquarters in St. Florence
  • 70% of their armor is bulletproof and they wield a single or double-bladed saber

The Knights of Florence:

  • The Knights and the Sentinels are two sides of the same coin. The Sentinels are meant to defend and protect, while Knights defend and go after the enemy
  • Knights operate around the world. Sentinels only operate in San Florence and usually stay in one place. Sometimes they go on pilgrimages
  • The age permitted to start knight training is 13 years. Boys and girls alike. When they turn 18 and completed their training they are declared Knight
  • Normally only wield a saber(s)
  • Official Knights are automatically given the rank of General in the military
  • Armor worn by Knights are 70% bulletproof like the Sentinels but each Knight have their own design on uniform
  • Sometimes participate in wars when it is absolutely needed



OOC: If anyone has questions on the current ways of San Florence please feel free to ask.

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