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  1. *San Florence Defense Update* King Arnaldo and the High Council have asked the Council of Knights and Sentinels to send aid at the northern border of San Florence. They have accepted to send their Knights and Sentinels to the northern borders to help with the defense. Florian Military troops have been sent to aid the border patrol in the defense. San Florence are on high alarm. The Knights, Sentinels, and Military Troops are working together to also help te refugees cross safely and makr sure they are not followed by any threat.
  2. San Florence thanks the Hungadadan for their support and concern.King Arnaldo: "We thank you for the concern and the offer from you. We need all the help we can get to help the refugees and to protect our northern borders from this threat."
  3. *San Florence response to the situation* The government of San Florence is taking this situation at it's borders very seriously. The King and the High Council has postponed its other operations and meetings to sort out this situation. They have also discussed on preparing if any threat comes from where the refugees came from. The patrols on the northern borders of San Florence will remain on high alert for any threats from beyond borders. King Arnaldo: "My council and I have agreed on letting in the refugees and their military protection. We only ask them to please not disturb the peace in San Florence and do not enter into the Acatec Tribe territory because we do not have their permission on the acceptance of the refugees. I believe that they will accept the refugees, but I don't believe they will accept the military escorts. We ask all of the citizens of San Florence to assist the refugees and do not be alarmed of all of soldiers who are escorting the refugees."
  4. OOC: Yeeeeah hard to believe huh. I haven't had much ideas on how to continue my rp but now I do with other recent rp that has been going on. Plus with school and work in the way too, but I actually have a pretty organized schedule now. Plus I don't know what the congrats is all about its just news.
  5. Nation Name: The Kingdom of San Florence Leader Name: King Arnaldo Florin Sources: Star Wars (the force is not included in my RP, nor Sith. Only the Jedi Knights and Sentinels, lightsabers, and Temples are used in my RP. Maybe clones in the future) *My sources will be updated when I start improving and progressing on my RP.
  6. After the announcement of San Florence rejoining the FIFC and FCAP protests started occurring at the San Florence capital, St. Florence. Many people approved the idea of uniting and creating alliances with other nations. Although there are some that believe San Florence shouldn't be creating any alliances and letting people from other nations come to San Florence freely. King Arnaldo has made it perfectly clear that San Florence welcomes all who wish to come either visit or to live here. The young King and all the members of the High Council believe it is better to unite instead of isolate ourselves from the world. Sentinels (guards of the palace) have been stationed outside the palace gate and walls incase of any complications with the protests. In other news, the Council of San Florence have voted on separating the Kingdom into provinces. They feel it would be easier for the government of San Florence to govern the Kingdom in parts instead as a whole. Plans are still being made on how they are going to split the lands and who are to lead each of the provinces.
  7. San Florence will send Florian Troopers to the Russian Federation for support if it is needed by the Russian Federation.
  8. OOC: Farewell my good friend. Good luck out there brother.
  9. King Arnaldo Florin: "I would like to congratulate you two, Empress Victoria Wolf and King Zafri Zackery, on your marriage. May you two have a great future together in union."
  10. OOC: Yeah I have read about that and I believe that plan is called "Rex 84" aka "Readiness Exercise 1984" because it was planned back in 1984. Technically it's everything your saying right now that if something big happens in the US then the president gets all the power and the US constitution is ignored and suspended. Also Martial Law would be in affect.
  11. After hearing the shocking news, King Arnaldo offers Australia support if they need any. "Being a strong ally with San Florence it is the least we can do."
  12. San Florence hopes for Russia to solve this conflict in a diplomatic and peaceful way. The world has had enough with wars and conflict. Another war is not going to solve a problem only make it worse.
  13. King Arnaldo of San Florence accepts the invitation.
  14. King Arnaldo and all of San Florence sends it condolences and hopes for a recovery from this strange condition. You will be in our prayers.
  15. OOC: Oh that makes a lot more sense. I guess disregard what I said.
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