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The Division

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So I've recently bought the gold edition of The Division


I was wondering if it is good also do my skins and outfits go to all my accounts on my ps4 system or just the one I bought the dlc with?

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It's usually to just the one account if it's code based, but if you had to download it it will be on all ps4 local accounts.


Idk what the Division is like now, but I played the beta and played through until they added Falcon down or whatever that raid was called. I liked what it was when it first came out when yellow items were actually rare and useful. BUuuuttt due to people !@#$ing that they couldn't get any yellows (even though you could get blueprints to make them) Ubisoft added yellow drops after every named yellow enemy (gayyy) which took all the challenge out of the game.


It's an awesome game if you didn't pay the 59.99 for it, it has awesome team play, awesome story (if you can follow it), and an awesome skill/gear system.


I just lost interest because it became a Modern Era Destiny 2.0.

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