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News Coverage over the 2016 Berlin Terror Attack s

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Following the 2016 Berlin Terror Attacks, Deustch24 and Orbis Central are bringing you daily coverage 



Orbis Centralâ€


Well, Members of a terror organization in The DeustchReich began the worst and deadliest terror attacks on The DeustchReich.


At 3:00 AM they started a raid on The DeustchReich Fort Prussia 


At 10:00 AM they bombed the Ministry of Agriculture 

At 10:10 AM they bombed the Ministry of Health 


Within the first couple of hours, the Death Toll reached nearly 200 Civilians and 45 Soldiers


After their attacks on Federal Government Buildings, Tanks rolled down the streets of Berlin, Aircraft hovered overhead. Many Citizens thought an enemy invasion had started. 


12:00 PM A failed attack on the Cape Breton Embassy 

Marines attached to protect the Cape Breton Embassy caught over 50 Militants storming the embassy, they were quickly dealt with after a 10-minute firefight resulting in the death of another 5 Marines. 



The Federal Chancellor Building was on lockdown, the Bundestag was held on lockdown and all Government Ministries were shutdown. 


A police station was bombed killing all 120 Police Officers and 20 Civilians 


By 3:00 PM  The Death toll had reached 500 Civilians and 100 Soldiers and 120 Federal Employees 


At 6:00 PM The Terrorist attempted an attack on the Berlin Airport and Bundestag, but FSB Operatives intercepted them and killed their leader and foiled the plan. 


Official Death toll 600 Civilians 120 Soldiers 124 Federal Employees 


Orbis Central Will report more when able 



Angela Merkel was heart strucken after the attacks. Smoke emerged from the scared nation as she put it. Vowing to bring those who perpetrated this attacks to justice, she then went on to say, we will find those who hurt our men, hurt our children, and our friends, they will be brought into the light, and wish they never picked a fight with the DeustchReich, following this the Communist Party lost 20,000 of its 200,504 members, taking a heavy toll, and threats were made to their leadership due to the Red Devils recent attack


Deustch24 is taking over the news coverage. 




Taking you to the Speech by Angela Merkel


The Foreign Ministry Reports 


The DeustchReich is currently in a state of emergency, all police officers are being switched out with Military Forces, All Embassies are ordered to be shut down by order of The Ministry of Interior, All foreign Residents will be compensated for their stay in their hotels. There is a curfew for 9:00 PM, all people found on the streets will be arrested 


The Department of Homeland Security and Ministry of Federal Security 


Any member or supporter of The Red Devils will be arrested trial and serve a life sentence in Frankfurt Prison. 


The Ministry of Interior Reports 


All schools are to be closed. And an Air travel ban is in effect, Military Planes have the authorization to shoot any plane undesignated or not cleared by the Ministry of Transportation and Defense. A Naval Parameter has been established, any Cargo ships will be searched, and illegal content will result in a fine, 2 year jail time, and loss of license.



Further News coverage and information will be brought to you by Orbis Central and Deustch24


Official Death counts by June 5th 




FSB and DeustchReich strikes took place all week


The Same Say 


Military Forces stormed a training camp in Stuttgart, killing 200 Terrorist 


FSB Operatives captured 20 Terrorist and captured over 12 tons of explosives


The Following Day 

A joint Deutsch-Chernigov raid on the mini base of The Red Rebels led to the death of 12 German Soldiers and 30 injured and The Chernigov Forces lost 5 and 12 injured 


A Series of Airstrikes near the Swedish-Polish-German borders took place, as well as Bombers bombing the “unclaimed†Dutch and Flanish lands, of which FOB Neptune was apple to intercept the Terrorist 






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