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Ekejen Luish

Scrolls of Meo

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These are the scrolls made many, many thousands of years ago when Meonesians began worshiping Meo, the god of Meoism, the most prosperous and ancient religion in Meonesia.


SCROLL I: The Origins


In the beginning there was nothing. Nothing existed. But then out of nothingness came chaos. Space and time, matter and energy flew out into the universe. Thus the universe began existence.


In the creation of the universe came two gods. One was Meo, the god of right and all that is good, and the other was Taqayin, the god of what is wrong, and death and corruptness.


Eventually, the god Meo was bored. He wished to do something. So he created from his hand life, and placed it onto a planet. But still this life could do nothing much and was so small. So he created evolution. And after much time his creation had turned into humans, animals, plants, and all other things on this Earth.


After much time, he created a grand palace for him to live in, and watch the humans. But still he was bored, and he longed to speak, and talk, and even to become a human and experience them. And so he, in his grand power, found some humans and created a light in the sky. He parted the clouds and descended down to Earth. And he said to the startled humans,


"My new friends, hello to you! I am the one to whom you will worship! I am your god. I am all that is good and all that will prosper!"


And so the humans worshiped the great Meo who had come from the sky.


But when Taqayin saw this, he decided on a plan to defeat his rival Meo.


He came down to the humans and said to them,


"Hello, my friends. You have seen the Meo. But he is a fake! Do not worship him, he is not good, but I am."


But when the humans refused to believe Taqayin, the god of what is all bad and terrible said to them


"No!? You shall not worship me!? Then you shall have war, death, and plagues, that will destroy you all eventually! And your souls shall become mine, and I will make you pay!"


And then Taqayin created death, plagues, and gave the humans evil. But when Meo saw this, he was scared for his life would become terrible now. So he gave the people also a good side, pleasure, and happiness. And he came down to the people and said


"Taqayin has created terrible things. But I say! You may die eventually, but instead you shall come to me and my Kingdom in the skies. You may have evil, but now you also have good! You all have the light in the dark inside of you, but it is what side you choose to act upon that will make you who you truly are."


And so humans did this. They warred, suffered, but also lived life with pleasure and happiness when they could. And so when they died they came to Meo's kingdom in the skies.


However for this Taqayin was now enraged, so he placed a terrible curse on all life that any who acted badly would come to his kingdom for him to use and rule.


SCROLL II: The Laws of Meo


In an island in the ocean there was a civilization, where war and crime was constant and everywhere. But on a mountain, Meo waited.


Every night, he summoned lightning to the peak of the mountain three times. After twelve nights, a brave man named Jaqeryq went to venture to the top of the mountain to see why the lightning was striking. When he came, the clouds in the sky opened up to a great light and Meo came down. He said to him,


"Jaqeryq, you human, have come up to this mountain! For I have come to deliver a message.


"You will come closer. For I have a grand tablet with the laws of Meo upon them. Go and proclaim these to the people!


"I am your god! And the god of all on Earth. You shall have no god but me.


"You shall not make me the image of what is bad, nor take me as bad.


"You shall not take my name into vain! My name is holy and you will use it only for good intention and for worship.


"You will honor your mother and father, and your grandparents and ancestors for they gave you life.


"You will not kill.


"You will not have an affair.


"You will not commit thievery.


"You shall not bear false witness, especially to harm another.


"You will not desire another's home, spouse, servants, animals, wealth, or any other possessions.


"People will follow these laws in order to remain holy, for should you not you shall go to the realm of Taqayin. Now go and proclaim it to the people, as has been done in the other kingdoms of the world!"


So the laws were proclaimed to the people of Meonesia. However very few remained completely holy and cleansed. And so Meo planned to go to all the lands of the Earth in the form of a human to cleanse them and ensure they knew of the true Meo.

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