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Welcome to NatRP OOC - Read Before Posting!

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In this forum you will have the chance to discuss current issues with the National Affairs forums and be able to suggest changes to the role-play forums to make this community great again. As you know these forums are in disarray - but we are working hard to make them better and with you're help we can do it faster. 


This is an OOC Forum - That Means:

  • Do not role-play here
  • Do not bring up issues related to your specific role-play stories
  • Do not report rule violations in this thread - use the report button feature or the moderation forum
  • DO POST suggestions relating to National Affairs - (larger map, faster territory growth, added features)
  • DO POST OOC discussions relating to National Affairs - (what you'd like to see, what could change, etc.)


The purpose of this forum is to open a dialogue with the community of Politics & War to better an inner community (NatRP) which is one of the most active locations on these forums. Please use it accordingly and do not be afraid to suggest or discuss anything in dialogue in this forum. 


Note: All active community/forum rules apply to this forum. Please post wisely.

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