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Arma 3 Milsim PMC


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I run Vanguard, which is a multi gaming community over at VGCN.net. 



Vanguard(Not affiliated with the old alliance on PW) are looking for key members who want to help grow the PMC team. There are leadership positions up for grabs for experienced players and people with the relevant qualifications. We're a milsim focused group, so if you do join us, be warned that you'll have to use set loadouts & be required to focus on the realism within operations. We do not want people who're interested in ♥♥♥♥ing around.


We currently have various roles that need to be filled out, including specialists and a pilot. We're also looking for people who're interested in helping develop and grow a PMC unit for Arma 3.


Our structure is different that most other units, as a PMC we do have a military theme however it's unique. Currently our ranking struture stands at


Recruit - Pre-training member


Operator - Post-training member


Contractor - Fireteam Leader


Specialist - Squad Leader


Colonel - Battalion Leader


We have training once a week on a Monday 8PM GMT for any new recruits and operations pretty much daily. 


Our teamspeak is ts3.vgcn.net and our website is vgcn.net come visit us if any of this interests you.



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