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    Breaking News!

    The Imperial Palace and The Pegasus Embassy has just issued an official statement which declared an official State Marriage between Princess Shannakay (Rebekah) and Priestess Arianne (Strea) The Wedding is set to take place over the course of the coming weeks/months depending on how long the preparations will take. The Original's diplomats met with The Afrika Korps Embassy and came to an agreement allowing the lovers to partake in an otherwise impossible marriage. Preparations have already begun for the largest construction project to ever take place in Pegasus on such short notice. The Budget set for this wedding which will ultimately last forever is set at a whopping 225 million PGD (3.4bil USD)
  2. Shannakay

    Prince Charles Captured

    At 02:01 a.m., The Pegasus Imperial Guard stormed the Supreme Leader of The Shire's compound and quickly overwhelmed the guards. Once the enemy fully surrendered, the ISAF went in and secured Prince Charles who is now in Pegasan custody. With the target secured, both parties agreed to end the war.
  3. It has been officially announced. The Marriage between Prince Charles and Her Royal Highness is officially over. The Pegasus Embassy released a statement earlier today stating that there were two primary reasons for the break up. "The Marriage between both parties was mediocre at best and Her Highness was not amused. Furthermore the marriage was not of an ordinary nature." Do keep in mind that it has been reported that Her Highness has never even kissed him, let alone stayed in the same country as him. The statement went on to say, "We are also aware that by law, they are not actually married as Her Highness did not actually sign the documents thus making it null and void." The representative continued for a while, explaining this entire process and how such a thing could occur before continuing. "Lastly, after a royal member of Prince Charles's family assaulted Her Highness's sister, Princess Arryha, The Pegasus Embassy alongside The Royal Guard has deemed the act, an act of aggression. Once Her Highness found out about the matter, a declaration of war was issued against Prince Charles' nation." His father, Supreme Leader Ram Sollick, has opted to defend his son rather than turn him over to Pegasus. In response to this, the Pegasan Navy was deployed marking the start of the war. At 04:05 hrs, The Pegasus Navy launched a naval assault on The Shire in which all opposing naval defence forces were completely destroyed. The Navy then went on to completely blockade the country thus shutting down all its trade. The remaining Pegasan forces are expected to be deployed shortly to join the fight. The war rages on with no immediate end in sight. However there have been rumours suggesting that if Prince Charles is in fact turned over to the Pegasan forces, a peace treaty can be negotiated.
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    News at 3

    The Military Games have begun. Each year the military hosts a series of events before commencing its actual military exercises. These events range from Paintball gun fights to obstacle courses. Today marked the beginning of the PGSM Games which will begin with paintball gun fights throughout various locations with each area having different objectives and conditions. Many military personnel look forward to these events as it allows them the perfect opportunity to socialize while sharpening their skills. This year will however be the very first year the females and the males will compete with each other with the first Paintball games being a male vs female set up. Needless to say, both are looking forward to competing throughout the games. Which Begin Now!
  5. Shannakay

    The Two Princess's

    The Pegasus Empire has, since the dawn of time been ruled by one family. At the time of writing this, Princess Shannakay remains ruler of Pegasus. However there are rumors that the Princess and another princess, Princess Aeolian may be more than just friends. Only time will tell. Protected by:
  6. Shannakay

    An Official Visit

    Today the Queen received a very unexpected visit from her brother, King Antonio of Cordania. A messenger arrived only moments before in a ceremonial carriage to bring news of the King's plans. The lengthy but swift motorcade escorting His Majesty made it through the capital city without any hold ups. The escorting military choppers ensured maximum safety from the air. It is reported that His Majesty and the Her Majesty met at the palace entrance and after a small reunion proceeded to the upper level.
  7. Shannakay

    Queen Shannakay and Prince Charles

    The long awaited news has finally arrived. Queen Shannakay and Prince Charles have gotten married. Much of the speculation leading up to this moment was whether or not the Queen would have married King Papi, a strong ally and trade partner of Pegasus however with the public announcement made this morning, and the photos and highlights being released to the public, such speculation has been eliminated. Accompanying the Queen were her two sisters, Arryha and Sky along with her uncle, the former King-regent. From left to right in this picture are; the Queen's uncle, Prince Charles, Princess Arryha, the Queen, and Princess Sky. The Imperial Guard was also present, wearing their respective ceremonial outfits.[Note the sword being held upright] Prior to the wedding, the Queen had to be relocated to ensure maximal security as the nation was at war. However with all the fighting finished, Her Majesty returned to the Imperial Palace and was married less than three days later.
  8. Shannakay

    Trials by Fire part 1

    [The sound of soldiers marching awakens residents on the outskirts of the capital city of Rome] "Thump! Thump! Thump!" [One boy looks through the window to see what is occurring] "Forward!" The soldiers are returning as quickly as possible to Rome as the General received a message via an eagle stating that Rome was besieged. They hasten forth. When they arrive they find that the enemy has been repelled and have been chased back to Carthage. The City of Carthage has been a long time rival of Rome and this presented an opportunity for the Romans to wipe their rivals out completely. So they sent the army that just arrived to Annapolis so they could accompany the navy across the Mediterranean. The Carthaginians were not at war with Rome at the time, however they were providing safe haven for Rome's enemies. What's more s that the City of Carthage was near to the mountain that Achilles was left to be tormented on. The roman army arrived in Africa one month later after fighting countless naval battles with both pirates and the Carthaginian fleet. By the time they arrived, Carthage was well prepared for a siege. However Rome had no intentions of waiting t out, so they called upon their ally, the Atlas Empire, to assist them n battle. The Emperor responded by sending an army under the command of Apollo to crush the Carthaginians. Together, Rome and Atlas crushed Carthage once and for all and ended the Black Wars. During the battle, one of the soldiers heard a cry from a nearby hill and rushed to investigate. He found Achilles chained to a rock and slayed the eagle before setting Achilles free. Achilles thanked the man and sped off to find Athena, who was the only one who would truly help him. Meanwhile the Romans together with their ally achieved a decisive victory over the Enemy. Since Carthage was in Africa, the Romans gave it to the Emperor as a sign of good will. The Emperor made Apollo ruler over Carthage and a subject to his Empire. Apollo spent the rest of that century away from Atlas, but always in its people's hearts. But this was only just the Beginning. A Easter egg for future parts.
  9. Shannakay

    Trials by Fire to be released soon.

    stay tuned.
  10. Shannakay

    Pegasus News WARRRR

    Citizens of Pegasus, this is not a drill. I repeat this is not a drill. We are being attacked. Proceed to the nearest shelter immediately. The Imperial Palace has issued a full-scale red alert and the Royal Family have been relocated to a secure location. I repeat this is not a drill. We are at war with some of the NSR players. They have launched a surprise attack on us and are gaining immense ground. All military capable personnel are requested to report immediately to any army base. Pegassian troops have began mobilizing all over the country. The Erusean military has also been mobilized as it is a client state of Pegasus. Reserves have been called up for both countries and the DOAB missile system has been activated as the nation enters a new phase of war. As of right now, any personnel of the NSR and Arrgh are to be exterminated with extreme prejudice. The Pegasus Empire formally recognizes these alliances as aggressors and will declare war in an effort to defend itself.
  11. Shannakay

    Pegasus News

    It has been almost a week since the last war and we are at it again. It is hard to imagine how each individual in this country feels but i for one think it is alright. I mean it is not like we are entering another war right? Its just a warning. Just a preparation for a defensive war. But isn't it always? All citizens be advised, country is now at black alert.
  12. Shannakay

    The War Ends

    @18:00 hours Yesterday, Pegasus Forces broke through the last defensive line of Emperor Ukunada's Forces. As the troops stormed the capital there was unfortunately much loss of life as the civilians were mostly hostile towards the invaders and were thus shot on sight. The city was left in ruins as Erusean planes carried out multiple air strikes alongside the Pegasus Air Force. As the army made their way through the rubble they were greeted by a detachment that was sent a head to secure Princess Arryha. The princess had evidently been released by a local who wanted the war to stop and was making her way through the forest when the militants found out she was missing and began pursuing her. Pegasus Special Forces found her after she made an emergency phone call to "Command". They found her, eliminated all hostiles and transported her back safely. With the Royal safe back home, the soldiers were ordered to rap up and return home. After a few more bombings, military control was returned to the Emperor's forces as the Pegasiian Military withdrew. The navy also withdrew and cargo ships which had been stopped by the blockading navy were finally allowed entry into the nation's ports. A peace treaty was signed between Emperor Ukunaka and Queen Shannakay. This is the second peace agreement and the second war between the two countries however this is the first war which did not end in a truce.
  13. Shannakay

    The War is Almost Over

    As Pegasus Forces push forward looking for a decisive victory, efforts to locate the princess have been maximized to the highest possibility. Pegasus's ally, Erusea e have sent troops to assist in the rescue missions and it is estimated that she will be found within the next 12 hours. If this is the case, the war can be expected to be over within 24 hours tops as the invasion was only done to locate the princess. A detachment from the Imperial Guard is being sent off to join the search. Reports suggest that they have a lead on the location of the princess and will be heading off at an unknown time.
  14. Shannakay

    War Breaks Out Again.

    @Ukunaka Care to show them the war timeline now? This is your last chance. Hand over the princess or face total annihilation! - Imperial Palace
  15. Shannakay

    War Breaks Out Again.

    It would be correct to assume by now that the nation of Pegasus seems to be engulfed in battle almost as often as Israel. However most times it is on a seemingly defensive term. This such case is not much different as it has been reported that Her Royal Highness, Princess Arryha has been ambushed by locals whilst on a diplomatic visit in The Ugaya Aniyvnwiya. Emperor Ukunaka has already made an appeal to the Imperial Palace requesting that his forces be given time to locate and secure the royal for transfer back to safety, however after weeks without any success, Queen has no other choice but to declare war in the hopes of finding her sister and the guards which were accompanying her at the time of the attack. The Pegasus Army began its assault at 05:02 AM on October 30, 2027. The war began as Pegasan battleships approached the nation's main port. The ships were however ambushed and the enemy won a decisive victory over their opponents thought heavily outnumbered. This turned the battle landwards as the Pegasus Navy fell back to regroup. Emperor Ukunaka sent a peace offering to Queen Shannakay after that massive victory however as her sister was still being held in captivity she decided against it and began organizing a massive land invasion. Meanwhile the fleet was called back to the naval base to begin repairs as the navy would need to be at full strength to be able to defend against a blockade. As the war raged on, small battles occurred along the border between soldiers of both sides. The death toll was marked at 356 for Pegasus after naval battle in which 18 ships were sunk including one HMS class battleship.
  16. Shannakay

    A Sad Story [FTE part 4]

    As the battle continued, Pyrrha and those behind her managed to break through the right flank of the enemy at last. They began driving back the monsters and claiming ground with lightening speed. Meanwhile, Arryha as well began gaining ground but was slowed down by the heavy bombardment from archers mounted on a nearby hill. Female warrior accompanying Arryha In the plains, things were much different, the enemy had driven dobby and the army back. It became clear that unless the battle on the flanks were won and those detachments joined in the centre, all would be lost. The archers in Pyrrha's guard began accelerating their rate of fire as they fired with precision and accuracy into the eyes and hearts of the creatures they were fighting. They had received a morale boost after managing to successfully break the enemy and were now simply cleaning up the left overs. At the same time, Pyrrha took her infantry and charged into the bulk of the enemy's main force from the right flank. This sudden attack managed to crush a large amount of elite units which had been focusing on the battle ahead. They were given little time to realize their mistake and were hence punished for it dearly. Arryha's detachment had also been successful on that flank and crushed the remaining archers that had taken refuge in a cave. She then turned her attention to the enemy in the fields and also dealt a crushing blow to their army. The Queen of the darkness was not to be defeated this easily however and she made one final charge before attempting to retreat. She charged the one who had dealt a massive blow to her plans, Pyrrha. Pyrrha did not see her coming as she had her back turned towards her allies so she considered herself to be safe. Dobby on the other hand saw her charging and realized whom she was aiming for. Having made a promise to Epi to protect his daughter, Dobby intercepted the Death Queen's blow with his own body. Her weapon went clear through his chest and stopped only inches away from Pyrrha who turned around and drove her sword into the heart of the Queen thus ending her, once and for all. However the damage had been done. As the enemy retreated, Pyrrha fell beside dobby and took his hand in hers. Dobby, with his last breath created for her, a necklace signifying her ascendancy to take over his role as Titan and told her to let him rest in peace. She closed his eyes after the last breath of air left his body and rose with the necklace still in her hand. She had changed back into her normal self and was doing her best to appear strong. But truth be told, sh was torn apart inside. They had one victory, however though decisive it may be in truth, the losses Atlas suffered were never to be forgotten or forgiven. The Romans arrived to a scene of utter destruction. There were dead bodies, blood, crows, flies and other remnants from the war scattered as far as the eye could see. There were only a few spots for one to walk without stepping on the dead or wounded. A scout from Pyrrha's Guard watches from above as the enemy retreats. The survivors of the battle for the victors could be seen resting after 18 hours worth of constant clashing with the enemy. One such survivor was a member of Pyrrha's guard who greeted the newcomers. She was seated in front of a pile of weapons which her comrades had gathered up from nearby bodies. All over the battlefield, different persons could be seen taking up weapons. The battle had been won but a a terrible cost. There were many sacrifices but in the end Evil lost.
  17. Shannakay

    Pyrrha and Dobby [FTE part 3]

    6,24,48 A number that up to this date still pains the empire to its very core. Though it marked the turning point in the war, it also was scarred with an unimaginable loss. The battle began as both the 1st Army and the invading force charged forward. As both sides crashed into the other, crows began circling the battlefield knowing that they would soon be filled. As the fighting continued, Dobby could be seen rallying the men and leading the offense against the enemies skirmishers which were currently dealing plenty of damage to their opponents. There were over 255,000 men of war on the field with 150000 of them coming from the darkness that seeked to devour all. The roman army was to reinforce the 1st Army before the battle however due to the ambush, they were held back and would not be able to join the battle. Pyrrha's ability to change how she looked kept the enemy very busy as they could never truly tell whom they were fighting. Four representations of her would surround them and each looked more convincing than the rest. She attracted much of their attention and drew off the bulk of the massive army towards nearby ruins where she dominated them in battle. The fighting became more and more intense as monsters both unseen and unheard of for thousands of years were released on the battlefield to lay waste to Atlas's army. Many men died attempting to fight or flew the creatures whilst the wizards and witches fought hard to drive them back. Further reinforcements were transported by the By-soft directly into the midst of the battle. Arryha was one who came with the detachment as she wanted to ensure her sister remained alive knowing how reckless she could be. However as soon as she arrived she was faced off with an old enemy as Morgana sent three spirit bombs at her. The battle had now been separated into different parts with Morgana and her minions clashing against Arryha and the reinforcements on the left flank. Titan Dobby and The main bulk of the 1st Army against Cerberus and the entirety of the enemy in the middle. On the right flank was Pyrrha and her guards and the witches and wizards against all the monsters the enemy had to offer. On both flanks were ruins which made the battles there more of a tactical approach than just a simple head on, fight to the death collision. In the midst however was a large open plain and this was where the battle really took place. The battle rages on with no end in sight.
  18. Shannakay

    More News.

    As the war rages on new weapons are being tested and one such weapon being prepped for combat is the MOAB launcher. Having being created last year, it still remains untested and has been loaded in case it will come in handy in the current war. Also, the first trip to space has been concluded with the safe arrival of the space shuttle which landed in the ocean, less than 500 meters away from the battle-group sent to secure its occupants. The men and women were overjoyed to return to their planet which looked far off when the had touched down on the moon earlier last month. They had spent a few days searching the planet before heading to the space station build site to begin creating the first ever off planet F.O.B.
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    War Breaks Out Again.

    Haha the joys of war And of media coverage too
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    For the Emperor! [part 2]

    As the army marches westward towards Egypt, there is a sense of uneasiness in the camp. None of my fellow comrades knew what we were about to go through. None, save the guard who came back to warn us. Life can be full of mysteries and this was just another one. This was what we were told. That the enemy was a bunch of savages that could and should be put easily back into their rightful place. It seems, the Romans, with whom I was traveling had heard something similar, for their was a calm among the legions until we arrived at the edge of the marshes. The scouting party had returned and reported sights of enemy scouts. They had been heavily countered and managed only to escape with their lives because of the ever shifting fog looming within the marsh. The general in command ordered that we prepare for an attack and the officers began ordering the troops into position. Moments later, everything was quiet as we waited. And waited. And waited. Suddenly, the marsh ahead of us gave way to a massive, army. Alas, no, it was more of a horde. Before we knew it, they had already began banging against our shields, eager to hammer apart or flesh and bones. The fighting that followed was one of massive blood and gore. At one point in time, i could not tell friend from foe. I simply pushed forward. The enemy even had cannibalistic dogs that would aim straight for our throats. If not for our superior weaponry and our general's rallying capabilities and strategic mindset, we would have been totally overwhelmed by both numbers and morale. We won a decisive victory that day. However we did not win the war and that is probably the biggest mistake we ever made. To assume, we had already won.
  21. Shannakay

    For the Emperor! [part 1]

    Previously in L.O.A. [Legends of Atlas]. [Arryha and Pyrrha were walking in the woods together after just meeting each other. They were using the few hours they had to do all the catching up they needed to do when a howl from a lone wolf in the distance halted them in their tracks. Pyrrha drew her bow and arrow and knelt down. Arryha turned her back to her sister and looked the other way. Another howl could be heard much closer, accompanied with more howls. The two sister moved slowly backward until they were back to back. They were both prepared to fight. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Although he was seen as the champion of the weak and a great protector, Hercules' personal problems started literally at birth. Elaine sent two witches to prevent the birth, but they were tricked by one of Alcmena's servants and sent to another room. Elaine then sent serpents to kill him in his cradle, but Hercules strangled them both. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aphrodite never liked the concept of covering up one's body right from the start and would only clothe herself if she was to be receiving a visitor. She rather preferred to be half naked or fully so, especially around her husband. She had guardians appointed to her called 'Cupids' but they rarely needed to guard her against much danger as no man was cruel enough to seek out to hurt such a beautiful being. As such her true guards were the soldiers posted outside her rooms door which were spelled by her niece Athena so they wouldn't fall in love with her. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Perseus was already rounding everyone up with a makeshift army from across the sea when Dionysus asked a destined question “Is there anywhere I can hide?” the rather naughty priestess accompanying him in purple toga whispered of a ship whom they wouldn’t dare hinder. It was there he slept, the priestess a few party goers and his cupbearer [The ex-messenger] keeping him company. Thus Dionysus went on a wine encouraged voyage and to his brother’s dismay he’d participate in a war. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Atlas, a city of wonders, pleasures, riches and might. A city with impregnable walls, gates and civil rights. It is home to every living being that acknowledges the rule of the Titans. Titans they said once upon a time. Now, who are Titans? What are Titans? Where are the Titans if ever they existed? Well, the answer is simple. Look in the palace, in the centre of the world's most thriving region and you will find them. For they really do rule the world! For the Emperor! June 944 BT [same as B.C.] The city is silent. Though the city stretches from the steps of present day China to the shores of the Mediterranean, all is quiet with the only sounds coming from the rushing of feet. The sounds of war. Just thinking about that day makes my blood run cold. It is the day that the creatures of the underworld attacked. It all started as a normal week. At least, that's how it is remembered. The night's watch had just finished their shifts when a horn was heard. I was at the West Gate that day, the one facing Egypt and Rome. We had known that the people in these regions were overthrown by some foreign force but as we were further east we never had any reason to get involved. Or so we thought. A guardsman from our border with Egypt came as if with the wind. He had the look of one who had stared death in its face and lived to tell the tale. The gates opened to let him in and slammed shut as soon as he was within the city. He only gave us a brief explanation before speeding off on his horse towards the palace. The little he provided us with however was more than enough. The city guards immediately began blowing the war horns. All over the city, war beacons lit up to alert the entire region that war was coming. As the reality of the situation struck the humans, they began to panic. The nights guard had to be recalled into active duty to begin patrolling the city and ensuring everyone stayed in doors. The First Army [1st] marched through the west gate as the day came to an end with Pyrrha and Dobby at its head. Pyrrha's Elite Guard could also be seen marching with the group. With one Titan gone, the rest were left with ensuring the continuation of Atlas. Our allies, the roman saw the lit beacons and sent a legion to aid us even though they were fighting a war themselves. The legion spent a night at the West Gate before marching off to meet up with the First Army. I was sent with them.
  22. Shannakay

    Legends of Atlas to be continued

    The legends will be continued this week so stay tuned.
  23. Shannakay

    P4 Summit

    The Government structure has been released to the public today. This comes just moments before the annual P4 Summit during which Pegasus's Allies and the Queen along with her chief officials will meet to discuss matters concerning the different states. It is believed that during this year's summit, the issue of refugees will be addressed. It is well known that previously, the other heads of States had demanded that Pegasus accept refugees from other nations other than Erusea however this command/request was never carried out. In fact, the Queen ordered that the army mobilize and maximize border patrols. That year saw the number of immigrants to Pegasus fall by 97% and it continued declining until another summit was held to determine what must be done. The capital city will host the P4 Summit this year and as such, security around the centre of the city should be expected to be very secure. Traffic will also be terrible if you are heading towards the centre of the city. It is therefore advised that on that day/for that week, if any individual wishes to reach the centre of the city, the quickest way would be to walk as traffic is expected to reach extremes.
  24. Today the people of Pegasus, more specifically, their respective representatives voted on a new system of government at the Citadel earlier this morning. The new system will give citizens a complete outline of the government however will not actually change the roles of the persons currently in power. This change does not however affect the Queen nor the Imperial Staff. A full outline will soon be made public as to the changes made.

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